Mobile Phones: A Childhood Dream


Years ago, children used to dream of owning walkie-talkies, the short wave communications devices used by action figures such as soldiers. Toy walkie-talkies could be purchased from good retailers, and some of them actually worked over small distances. Meanwhile, grown men with time on their hands did the same thing at longer wavelengths. They were known as radio-hams, and later as CB (citizen band) radio operatives. Radio-hams wanted to know what was going on in their world, which consisted largely of mysterious and remote places. The CB fanatics were just mindless chatter boxes.

Fast forward to the world of the mobile phone. The technology has evolved, people haven't. The mobile phone, a brick sized monster, was seen as a status symbol. Instead of small boys desiring these new objects, it was city slickers. Yuppies. Young, thrusting and economically potent. The mobile phone became the grown-up equivalent of walkie-talkies.

Technology advances, and different technologies combined to produce a smaller and more versatile phones. But the new phones are not just phones. They can text eachother, connect to the internet, play music, play movies, take photos and films, play games, tell the time, carry out calculations, do most things a computer can do.

But, people are still the same. The cache of the mobile phone has been recovered by children. They are the walkie-talkies of today. And so desirable are they that legislation was introduced in attempt to stop mugging of phone show-offs by "the gangs". It failed of course, and mobile phones are now de rigeur theft items for the "excluded youth" of today.

In effect, it is childlike desires that have driven the development of the mobile phone as much as anything else. It is fortunate that mobile phones can be so very useful for coping with emergencies. Perhaps this facet is more of a freebie than anything else. But it just goes to show how technology can be used to create interesting items for a voracious young market and yet still be used for serious occasions by those with gravitas and mobile phone that, until recently, have been kept firmly in the off' position.

By: Jim Grayson-16825

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Why Dental Implants Are Important


By: Tom Heap

It is not just for aesthetic value. Unlike false teeth, the benefit that dental implants bring goes beyond the covering up of gaps in your teeth. Dental implants bring you more than what false teeth can do and, in turn, answer all the dental problems that teeth loss caused you. Moreover, dental implants will and can bring back whatever you lost when you lost your teeth (yes, not just the teeth) and it will even give you more.

To give you a wider perspective as to how and dental implants can benefit its users and how it is at par with other teeth loss solution, here are the things that dental implants is very capable of doing.

Better digestion and enjoy pleasurable eating

Once you get your own set of dental implants, you will be able to chew your food well again. Also, you can eat the those difficult to chew foods again. Imagine you can enjoy pleasurable eating and you won't have to worry about whether or not you will be able to chew the food properly. With dental implants, you regain the whole functions of your teeth and your dental implants will and can grind food as well as your original teeth. Also, how you taste the food will also go back to normal. If you notice, false teeth have sticky adhesive that also has a taste of its own that makes people gag. Dental implants do not come with these sticky adhesive so you will be assured that you won't be tasting adhesive when you are eating.

Be healthier

Since you will already be able to chew the food that you eat, then your risk of getting stomach troubles will go down. Stomach troubles are not really much of a problem with younger people. Maybe just some difficult bowel movements. However, as you grow older, the body becomes much weaker, thus sensitive. There is in fact a study that shows people who have a lot of their teeth lost would most likely die younger to those who did not because of digestion issues. With dental implants, you will be able to avoid this risk because you will be assured that chewing won't be much of a hassle for you anymore.

Look and feel younger

It is already common knowledge that over the years, the contours of your face change once you experience teeth loss, especially when you already have most or all of your teeth lost. This is due to the lost foundation that went away when you little by little lost your teeth. This lost foundation can't be filled up by the false teeth because, as what is obvious, what it does is just cover the physical effects. Over the years, the face would sag and the person would look old. Since the person knows that he looks old, then he would also feel old. However, with dental implants, you will regain the foundation that you lost thus preventing the face from sagging. This will prevent your face from looking old and yourself from feeling old.

Boost up self confidence

Lastly, what teeth loss took away was the person's confidence. Living in a society that puts aesthetics on top, a person with teeth loss would try very hard not to be known as somebody who do not have teeth anymore. Thus, those wearing with dentures wold develop a habit of becoming extra careful not to be confronted by situations where their dentures accidentally slipped or flew off. Dental implants, on the other hand, gives you worry-free use. Meaning, since it is inserted into your bones, the probability of having them fly off or misplaced is zero! So, you can go back to being yourself, not worrying about any dentures flying and just regain all the confidence you once had.

Dr. Thomas provides solutions for the smallest of needs up to and including the most complex smile rejuvenations. A prime and leading mover in Houston Dental Implants, he has been serving the community as a general practitioner with an emphasis on Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry.

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The Significance Of Pollution Management And Appropriate Disposal Of Nitric Acid Results


Nitric acid is produced in the US in large volumes and along with this is the need for effective pollution control measures as well as proper disposal practices of the by-products of nitric acid manufacture.

Oxides of nitrogen are the waste products of nitric acid production. These oxides escape into the atmosphere and go through complex reactions with water vapor to form sulfuric acid and the re-formation of nitric acid. Nitric acid plants produce nitrous oxide (NOx) is a greenhouse which is 310 times more harmful than carbon dioxide.

There are two kinds of nitrogen oxides: nitric oxide (NO) and nitrogen dioxide (NO2). Nitric acid is a flammable and colorless gas with a slight odor. Nitrogen dioxide is a nonflammable and reddish brown gas also with a distinct smell. Nitrogen dioxide has strong oxidizing properties that when it reacts with air, it produces the highly corrosive nitric acid along with hazardous organic nitrates.

In a recent court case filed by the Environment Integrity Project (EIP) and Sierra Club against the Environment Protection Agency, it stated that the Agency had failed to evaluate and bring up to date its emissions standards for nitric acid manufacturing plants.

According to the EIP and the Sierra Club, nitric acid plants are one of the top contributors of nitrous oxide into the atmosphere, contributing to the greenhouse phenomenon tremendously. By using necessary cost effective technology for managing nitrous oxide emissions and reducing it by even a small percentage can be very important, more so because of the fact that nitrous oxide is such a potent greenhouse gas.

Aside from the greenhouse effect, it is also a main constituent in acid rain formation. Acid deposition can happen as a result of two processes: hydrochloric acid released directly into the atmosphere and as a product of secondary pollutants that form from the oxidation of nitrogen oxides and sulfur dioxide which are given off into the atmosphere. These gases undergo reactions in the earth’s atmosphere which convert them into nitric acid and sulfuric acid.

This phenomenon can lead to the deposition of nitric acid in the world’s ocean basins or it could be through dry deposition which is then converted to acids once they are made to react with water. Acid rain also ruins structures, eroding buildings making them weak and more susceptible to damage. Acid rain had also been known to kill trees reacting with minerals in the soil and depriving them of these essential nutrients required for growth.

It is therefore of utmost importance that nitrous oxide emissions are addressed not only by government agencies but more particularly by nitric acid manufacturing plants since they are the source of this pollutants and are in a better position to deal with nitrous oxide straight from the source.

There are available abatement systems which can be integrated into the existing system of the plant. Types of abatement systems are adsorption, absorption and reduction (selective and nonselective) methods.

Proper disposal and on-site control measures of emission are the sole responsibilities of the nitric acid manufacturing plant. Emissions can be greatly reduced if manufacturing practices and systems are built around the concept of reducing nitrous oxide released into the atmosphere.

The world’s temperature has risen in unprecedented levels never seen before. Weather and climate conditions have become more unpredictable. The greenhouse effect has a huge impact on these changes and we have no else to blame but ourselves.

We have brought this into ourselves but it is never too late. We have to take responsibility for our actions and do what we can while we can. Nitric acid manufacturing plant owners and managers are in the position to do this by adapting and implementing environment-friendly manufacturing practices and systems.

By: joalesto

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Evolving E-commerce


Almost anyone who has been online has heard or read the words ‘e-commerce’. E-commerce stands for electronic commerce and some people also refer to it as electronic marketing. It consists of buying or selling of products or services over electronic systems like the internet. This explains the growing popularity of free ads philippines and other sites that involves buying and selling.

E-commerce can be divided into several kinds:

* Business-to-business buying and selling. Also known as B2B, it refers to commerce transactions between businesses. Some examples are between a wholesaler and a retailer, or between a manufacturer and a wholesaler.
* E-tailing. This refers to online retail selling or virtual storefronts. Sometimes also referred to as the virtual mall. These virtual malls are convenient places for direct retail shopping because it is available 24 hours a day, it has a global reach, and it has the ability to interact and provide custom information and ordering.
* Advertising. Browse through the internet and there is no chance that you won’t encounter a single ad. Many sites offering free ads philippines allows the user to post ads for anything they want to sell online. On the other hand, visitors to the site may browse through and contact the ad if they are interested in buying an item. Online advertising has allowed the regular internet user the opportunity to earn money through e-commerce.
* Auctions. These sites are very similar to free ads philippines sites except that in auction sites, users bid on the item.
* Online Banking. One of the most useful e-commerce solutions. Consumers can now go online and perform several bank transactions without leaving the comforts of their homes. Most online banking facility allows their users to pay their bills online, check their balances, and transfer funds.

E-commerce has many advantages for internet users and businesses alike. Internet users now enjoy the convenience of doing all these business transactions online while businesses enjoy lower operating costs and broader market reach. Still, the field of e-commerce has a lot more promise and is evolving rapidly. Pretty soon, everything can be achieved with just one click of the mouse.

By: Archie Lopez

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Manual Blog Tutorial


Dear readers,

I voted for my clients an extensive tutorial blog created. This tutorial is an introduction to the blogosphere and also help the existing blogs, even better. Finally, it was too broad to be for internal use only. Optimize optimizer now ... :-) For this reason, it's all here to read the tutorial.

Note that the use of the tutorial was written for customers, for the first time to enter the blogosphere already has a website and blog as a new traffic and advertising-carrier use.
It also has a re-optimized Wordpress blog and a keyword search as the starting point.

Of course, the views and suggestions on its ... surely there are one or the other issue, which necessarily must be integrated. Therefore, I welcome all suggestions!

Especially when blogging, it is particularly important to some basic journalistic standards. This makes the blog particularly worth reading and provides quick "readers."

* Write numbers one to twelve.
* Also, you must be a date in the format "day, the point. Month" will be published.
* Make sure that the money that large quantities (eg, 1,000,000 euros) to (one million euros).
* Avoid using abbreviations wherever it goes.
* Write short, concise sentences. The shortest, easiest is to read the sentence.
* No redundant. The most singular of a text or a paragraph, rather than read on!
* Use formatting (bold, italic) are especially relevant to highlight the text visually.
* Also lists are particularly useful because the compressed knowledge.

Note that it is hardly possible, all these criteria at all times. It is quite enough aim. But there'sa real sense, these criteria (where possible) to satisfy, as these factors make the blog very "readable", and also provide a uniform and professional.
Election Issues

The choice of theme is probably the most basic criterion of blogs. Matters is what matters. However, this interest must be signed by both parties - from the user, as well as bloggers themselves - to be in place. I do not know if that brings in the wildlife area and rumbloggt to recipients, there has been no response.

Furthermore, it is not alone in blogs, so the reader in the high interest. Therefore, the following tips on how to choose topics of particular relevance:

* See the competitors, which could be interesting. Inveterate blogger - especially in specialized topics and blogs - have known for years, which is interesting for the visitor. But that is not copy subjects. On the contrary - this should be omitted. Watch the whole thing rather than a basis for questions and information on their blog posts. Get inspired.
* Use knowledge of the keyword search so that you have the choice of "research keywords around" realize.
* If you are a professional blog themes or wish to operate your preferences, you should not ignore. Always remember that you are only in the blog should be, what really "fit" feel. The quality and quantity of their blogs is appreciated. Apart from that can, therefore, also the result of your ideal reader comments and to answer questions so ideal.
* Punctuality is of course win! If you have items that can also be a major public media (eg, through television, newspaper, etc.) you can assume that these issues are appropriately rewarded. The sooner you have a blog item, the more interesting, this is of course also for the readers.


The choice of title is usually wrong. Many bloggers write just as wild to go, fill in the information line by line. But - what a title should really achieve?

* You must arouse the interest! Statements only attract visitors. Questions, however, attention in the blog. The does not mean that a blog solely on issues necessary for success. On the contrary. The best blog is nothing without a solid base of information "looking items." Since the main blog page minimally five new items appear, it is vital that a minimum of 5 (average) includes a title, is a question.
* A title should be short and concise. Therefore, it should be based on the length of the line "component. This means that the title in the output of the blog (to see) is not more than one line.
* Avoid using long words, and stuffed articles. Do you work primarily in the title with nouns and adjectives. This poses additional interest, and also serves the best search engine friendliness.
* Special characters should be avoided. The only special characters in titles are to be used dashes (-), question mark (?) Or exclamation point (!). All other special (*+#_ € <> | μ, etc.) should be omitted or replaced adequately.
* A look at the keyword search also helps here. See also this criterion is not as exclusive, but to see the keyword search as an idea from a supplier.
* Causing you. The provocative title, the easier a user can convince the contribution that he simply has to read. Make sure however that you do not happen too much in the proverbial tie - it may become.

Design Contribution

All blogs stands or falls with their contributions. However, there is also much that is wrong here.

* Ensure that the creation of the contribution that the basic elements of the song also appear in the presentation. There is no way to write about the gummy bears and actually contribute to write about the chocolate. Take at least at the beginning of the contribution of new titles. Ideally this is done, but also in the management of text, and at the end of the article.
* Pay attention to format. A text must be a number of paragraphs included. A paragraph should be more than ten lines long. Separate paragraphs by a blank line. Inserts line (lines with spaces at the start) should be avoided.
* Use the option-sub-titles (Subheadlines) systems. Every few paragraphs should be re-entitled to be integrated. Also here are the specifications required by the title of the decision-making (see above) are of vital importance.
* If possible - integrate images into your posts. An image is not only more than 1000 words, but also means that the eye "with food." There is no easier way to make contributions to create, and to start with a photograph. An image that allows a blogger, a quick introduction to a more or less complex issue of surrender. In addition, all exactly the advantage of this complexity for the visitors to a minimum. The contribution is therefore understandable that the "alpha and omega" of blogging.
* Another important point is the writing style. A blog is basically a kind of digital diary. It is, therefore, according to the report published to date. So you write, you can "grow in the mouth" is. Use simple language as possible. This does not mean that all foreign words and technical terms of his choice of words should be removed (especially in specialized blogs would be disastrous!) - However, these concepts should be a reasonable minimum. Because - as I said - a blog must be universally understandable.

More button

This is the search engine optimization of critical importance that the contributions are written to divide. This breakdown is due to the fact that the contributions would otherwise on multiple pages (eg Home and categories) appear repeatedly.

It is therefore particularly important that the "More" button (in the text editor above right) is used. This adds a shortcut button in the floating text. This shortcut is used by the software for your blog, Wordpress, interpreted. Ensures that only the home page is an extract from the total reading. Therefore, any contribution made after the first paragraph with a short click the More button that division.

It also provides the positive contributions that actually read. This blog is more manageable and the advertising revenue and the visibility is determined by the highest page views (impressions) sustainable growth.

Tags are a great option for users of the blog - but also particularly relevant for search engines as possible. If you make a contribution, then you are below the text area, the possibility that the labels are shown. These labels must meet the following criteria:

Use is only possible on the concepts (eg, housing, furniture, cars, dental implants, Berlin, Australia) for the labels. It makes no sense to specific tags (eg, living room furniture, living in Dusseldorf, while brushing your teeth) to use. The background is as follows: the more labels in the course of time there, more opaque throughout. Labels not only help to be seen. If you have a blog, which is called Tag-Cloud (tag cloud) uses, but then hundreds of labels irrelevant, that only one or two contributions can be used. When these labels, however, so their choices in terms of describing, then creates a tag-Cloud with a number of terms. For the user, then, is the ability to quickly and easily through the blog to navigate due to the specific choice of the labels are provided by contributions from one day to find items that fit.

Often, visitors are also "no idea" what exactly he is looking for when you click a day. It is, however (if the tags are used correctly) is always a good selection of direct and indirectly related to issues of its application. It is therefore labels a navigation tool, the user not only very well accepted, but much like a search engine indexed. The results are comparatively many page views (user connection) in conjunction with a good, widely scattered (for a day of many existing pages) rankings in search engines in a variety of keywords.

A blog and falls with the quality and quantity of its incoming links. This lies in the fact that Google is the importance (relevance) of a website by the number and quality of references (ie links) nominal. If a blog is, for example, 100 is linked to other blogs, then it is in the eyes of search engines "important." As in real life: if a 100 people, then it is logical also "important" or at least "important" like a nobody knows.
Exactly this property can be a blog to good use. In the community of bloggers (the blogosphere), it is relatively easy to link other blogs to come. Relatively, but only hard work will be rewarded with good links. In the normal web, this is only partly the case. So write a very informative blog, then this is also good links from other blogs receive. Especially at the beginning of the blog, is a barely known to other bloggers. For this reason, it is vital you call for their contribution Trackbacks attention.

The simplest type of a trackback to the search for "Trackback blog. My rule of thumb is that for every 100 words in length, at least one contribution Trackback completion. Sometimes more, sometimes less - depending on the contribution. We therefore examined within this framework of a word or phrase to express, and copied it into Google search. So if, for example, "United Kingdom" has been written, then there is also Google "Great Brittany "one. This alone makes the search for links, but only conditionally. For this reason, it is" entering the United Kingdom Trackback. If you have studied, then one finds a multitude of blogs, the United Kingdom raised the issue, and also has a trackback feature. Visit some of these blogs for the best partners trackback. This is characterized by the fact that he had a great affinity for the subject in question. It is also ideal if the contribution of the "trackback" would also be relatively current. The probability that the trackback from the opposite side then it is also accepted (may take several days or weeks) increased massively.

Well. You have found a partner Trackback. Now you must also use the trackback correctly. This simply copy the URL of the contribution of the "trackback" want the address bar of your browser. Then he returned to his post and highlight the word you originally used for searching. Create a new external link (usually a paper clip icon) and paste the URL. That was Sunday, but not yet. Go back, therefore, the potential partner Trackback. Browse the article in his blog for "Trackback" or "Trackback URL". If the URL is given directly, then copy it with the mouse (cursor - right click - copy). If only the word "trackback" or "Trackback URL" link, move the mouse over the word. This word is linked. Click hence (if the mouse over the link) with the right mouse button and select from the menu that opens, "copy link" (important!). Once again go back to your Wordpress blog. Just below the text field on the contribution that you are creating, there is an option, the "Trackbacks" calls. Click the text box next to "Send a TrackBack" and paste the Trackback URL, that prior to the copy. (Right click, Paste)

Please make sure you have multiple trackback URLs, separated by a space. If you forget, you have all searched in vain Trackbacks. Please check before sending the contribution. If you notice after the event, and add spaces after saving the article again.
Comments on other blogs

The best blogs live on a large number of links (cross references). Trackbacks are a way to generate these links. But Trackbacks lead to bilateral ties. Therefore, your blog is linked to another blog and another link (thanks Trackback function) back to his blog back. This type of links, search engines are only conditionally technically relevant. Particularly interesting are therefore "oneway links - ie links pointing to your blog you do not need to re-link.

The easiest way to create those links through comments on other (topic relevant) blogs. This blog can be found if you search for "blog ThemaXYZ" google. Simply visit one of the most recent posts on this blog and write a comment on this post. Please be sure to enter your URL (website) as a " to" if you write the commentary.

Please note the following rules:

* Write detailed comments (up to five sets), which makes explicit reference to the contribution you kommentieren.
* Type your comments useful - for example additional information, questions, etc.
* Please respond again when a new comment on your comment that is written. Add the URL of the blog, therefore, contribute to your favorites / bookmarks to help you get an overview favorites and visit regularly. Some blogs also offer the possibility that you will be notified by email when a new comment on this subject is written - use this option if it exists!
Select your comment by a user name that is not only technical search engine is ideal. If so, for example, "credit" or "safe" call, this comment not be released or be removed later! Choose your real name or the name of your blog. If you have a high academic qualification (Dr., PD, teachers) have, so you can use this blog in the field as "hawk" go. Experience has shown that the observations of scholars often ignored much less than the "normal" commentators. (Who knows - maybe this is the title of a thesis or other work?)

Optionally you can also use only your name, or a hybrid version, as the "Branchedeseigenenblogs Blogger" as possible. This would lead to a name, for example, "Beer Blogger" they have it. These names are generally accepted. In "High Traffic" areas (credit, insurance, etc.) but also the names generally considered spam and contributions not published - in all "normal" areas, but this is rarely a problem for search engines and is technically interesting.
Blog Maintenance

A blog is maintained, which is fixed. The following tips will help, a kind of "health blog" construct:

* Do you blog as often as possible. The most frequently updated blog, the faster it grows. The growth of blogs is exponential. Therefore, if you write very often, then your blog will be the fastest a wider audience. Accordingly, it is also more and more about their topics to discuss. For this reason, only have to write often, if you really high quality in the proverbial belt can generate.
* Ensure new comments on your blog. Even if there is a multitude of anti-spam plugin for Wordpress, that is, it happens that the contribution by the spam filter. This is particularly the case when visitors manually kommentieren - User name, but the spam as "credit", "Insurance", "Holidays", "trip" and so indicate. Moderate their comments after the websites that simply removing these users. In addition, contributions in the review and if necessary to edit or delete any passenger or all of the premium is not viable.
* Talk with. In most of the comments, questions, or about his journalistic work written. Represent their views and provide information voluntarily.
* Be honest. If you are on holiday or simply have no desire to blog, write about it. This openness makes it very sympathetic bloggers and also leads to many contributions, which in turn, commented on the added value and increase their blog.
* If a qualified contribution of content is outdated, but most of the cases visited, then it makes sense to publish a remake. It is always useful contributions on the road - but still useful if you write a new post in the old post and a link to the new contribution and the other sets. This double your coverage with a relatively low cost.

Statistical analysis of monitoring

A blog stands or falls with its themes. Just what is needed, arrives. For this reason, you must use the access to the statistics of your blog in mind. You always see that most of the items in demand. The more often a topic or a specific keyword is searched, the more relevant question is this. Make sure you have these issues into account and that your blog will continue to expand accordingly.

In many cases, the statistics also evidence to suggest what items did not arrive. So always make sure that these issues are simply avoided. Or combine these issues with those who are really in demand. A blog should not only inform, but also cause - the "critical mass" of this methodology can be very good to be explored.
Transfer of Know-How

If you see that contributing to your blog in great demand, and then to its current site in cree, of course, such a direct contribution. Make sure that the new text also "only" has been created - which is unique. Direct copies of the search engines that a technical-devil cooking - and that's exactly what they want to avoid.

Invite business partners, suppliers, friends and family to create a guest-post on a specific topic. Optimally, the entire course, even if the host is a blog. It would be in the following:

Write guest posts. Investigate its alleged competitors. Contact them and ask if you have a guest post on his blog you can publish. The simplest way this works, of course, if the other "knows." This knowledge can also have one or the other comments on his blog came to be. Get a name and use your connections! Fine, you will receive a link from another blog host for their contribution. In fairness it must do so on his blog also published articles allow. One hand washes the other.

There are a variety of information, although in the commercial area around enough, it never created the Web. This applies in particular to instruction manuals, instructions, background information and flyers. Ask! Obtain written approval of this material in his blog may be published. Write about it and increase its visibility in the long term.

Undoubtedly, these instructions are not in an hour so that the Alpha bloggers. However, given the possibility of starting a blog effectively. It is absolutely recommended that once a couple of new posts in your blog and the reactions guaranteed. Visit the "board" to see what links (links, comments) to your blog and how, if necessary, in other blogs about your blog was reported.

Moreover, it appears that many blogs until a few weeks from the time require users to actively comment on your own blog and also very often getrackbacked will. For this reason you should spend some time and create some large items. Ideally, you create the item and before the first comment links, because like any blogger links to "good" blogs. And we know, is relative. So always make sure that your blog has to do a good informative blog.
Investigate and hold much earlier points. However, you must develop your own style. Watch yourself in the process of how to blog and, in particular, as their way of blogging is changing - this development clearly shows that the habits of the blogosphere needs. Precisely for this reason, you should use the responses on other blogs as well - if possible - daily view. This gives you the opportunity to not only a good blog to produce growth, but at the same time, in case of some bad things about his blog - about their work must be in writing. You can use a variety of potential problems and misunderstandings in the choke, if your environment in mind.

I wish you much fun with their new search engine friendly Wordpress blog! :-)

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7 Tips - True to make money with blogs


Author: Dani Schenker

To correct for the blogs to make money, it's a few rules that must be respected without you is difficult without the money will come. Under the money they do not understand some cents, but the big money. Blogging live from the Who wants to come to these boards are about 7.

1) Multiple blogs

Even the most Problogger not just a blog. Even if you have a large readership, you'll have a hard time with a blog to generate sufficient income.

2) Think of your reader

You can blog for money, but their readers to think. Because without your reader of your blog is worth anything and that certainly did not bring any money.

3) Sell something

That alone brings the blog least enough money to live. So, imagine what they could sell their blog you need to do. Many bloggers, for example, writing a book or sell t-shirts.

4) Bloggers are not alone

Most large blogs have multiple authors or authors have many guests. Even if you have a topic you are an expert, there is something they know better than others, or may simply for reasons of time, does not cover everything that is important.

5) Friends

If you already have a blog, at least to see that you are otherwise quite made friends in the blogosphere. Only then the other link that can get the power you need

6) Focus

To spend a clear question of what is actually known. If you have too many issues, that this negative impact on its revenue from advertising, because advertising is not specific enough for sale.

7) The Various forms of advertising

Let you not only a form of advertising or partner. There are countless forms of advertising (which provides, in another watchlist).

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Great Brands to porn sites using Layer Providers


Yesterday I have with the layers Thomas and Torsten TradeDoubler talked and took me out in the Spiegel Online Artikel. About Layer providers advertise major brands (including E-Plus, Karstadt, Jamba, Kabel Deutschland, FriendScout24, Congstar, Strato and Premiere) or pages in Torrent porn merchants are angry and talk of a serious fraud, the members. Frankfurter Sparkasse, even going so far and is now taking legal action against the layer of members.

So far, so the major marketers, both layers of networks, as well as tacitly tolerated by the agencies and, finally, members are also the largest publisher of layer in the networks and to generate quantities of seven years in committees , is also an eye when sometimes more zugedrückt Cookies droppt eventually win strongly with both sides (network: ~ 30%, agency: ~ 20%). Publicizing the mirror, but now I'm curious as to when the first agencies to address their key customers and get the two grids and fully renounce zanox Affilinet layer Publishers, TradeDoubler has in the past year, the first step and all members rausgeworfen Capa ...

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