Climate change brings opportunities in tourism


A milder climate in central Europe, most days of sun in summer, and the development of competitive relations between the Mediterranean and the Alps: The climate changes associated with the opening of the Swiss tourism and new opportunities.

The chances of a climate change outweigh its risks, estimates the Institute of Leisure and Tourism at the University of Bern (FIF), at least in general refers to Switzerland. However, there are regional differences: How should the Alps, the Great Lakes regions and cities are higher than the opportunities.

For the region of the Alps, however, outweigh the risks, according to FIF. In the case of Switzerland Tourism (ST), held in an atmosphere of study included the lack of snow in winter as major risk. This could be the Alps in the summer as places of "mountain fresh" benefit.

The term "mountain fresh" is considered by industry as a combination of "mountain Sommerfrische holiday and after the experience of the heat of summer 2003 was created. So many people recovered at higher elevations of heat, instead of lead to the sea.
Change of winter to summer

Therefore, in future, especially in hot summers, with temperatures in the mountains and vacations to promote high altitude. And the traditional summer holiday Mediterranean region is likely to increase heat exhaustion.

While it is too hot for the holidays could be taken under the FIF in Swiss cities during the summer for Mediterranisierung. This was for the Swiss cities of vacation more attractive.

Extreme weather events and natural hazards, which disrupt the holidays, unless in the Alps in summer than in winter when it is to expect too much snow falls, or a robbery unverhoffter hot track brown leaves.
Other family structures, lack of Skiing

Climate change is just one of several reasons why the winter tourism manifest difficulties. Modern family structures are also to blame: How can the common mosaic of divorce or families without traditional sports holiday times weeks before using it.

In the families of the missing Secondos Skiing, and schools were previously mandatory ski disappeared.

This combination of reasons leads to the following estimates of ST trend:

In summer, the number of visitors is growing steadily, most of the Alps, at least in cities. In winter, it will stagnate in the Alps even decline.

In terms of income per person is concerned, should be done to individuals and some foreign markets will increase. Instead, visitors just Fernmärkten ST expects higher sales.
Tourism: Both affected both mitverursachend

As agriculture and other sectors of the tourism caused by climate change, but feels its negative effects. Worldwide represents 5% of total CO2 emissions in tourism. In particular, transport (travel) causes gas emissions: 32% of the road, 40% air. The hotel is 21%.

Increasingly effect, according to ST and FIF addition of heating and cooling gas. In Switzerland, especially in the critical, the little-used, but constant heat second and holiday homes.
Climate neutral

The consequences caused by tourism, suffer harmful emissions Swiss resorts in turn is due to the tourism industry according to the study are required to help reduce gas.

For example, tourism has from the outset as climate-neutral forms: an increase in emissions, or other means of compensation.

As a positive example, called FIF Arosa, climate neutrality is Winterpauschalen: For hoteliers, restaurant owners, transporters, and invited them klimafreundlichem behavior suggested. Be offset by funding a project to reduce methane emissions.

Monorail opens early 2007 in Switzerland, for example, saves the day Tschuggen Grand Hotel about 100 taxis.
Increased reflection of snow Photovoltaik

Davos, in turn, found that 75% of all CO2 emissions in the heat, because the city due to its cool climate, need more energy per capita. They are now mainly in the heating sector alternatives.

St. Moritz finally highest in Europe are the City of Energy: hydropower, wind, solar and biogas are available and encouraged.

Thanks to the snow from the solar radiation can reflect the performance of photovoltaic systems sometimes up to 50%.
Klimaneutral travel to Switzerland

Just as today, airline tickets by the award of compensation and climate-friendly on the Internet are available in future trips to vacation in Switzerland and is also able to offer climate neutral.

Confederation and the cantons to be as close to the FIF their promotion projects are also relevant in the climate of verification.

swissinfo, Alexander Kunzle


Climate change also brings sweat mountain


The fact that global warming is to get the tourist to feel the Swiss Alps, which are also affected, not only in winter.

Higher temperatures, according to experts could be more natural disasters, but also bring in more tourists. Swiss tourist like to react to these challenges?

For the winter is the case clearly: Deep-lying tourist destinations should be something new, only if the snow continues to fall at higher altitudes.

The effect of global warming, but also in the summer in the Alpine region. The consequences are not as dramatically as in the winter. "Climate change Swiss mountain offers many opportunities," says Thomas Bieger, tourism expert at the University of St. Gallen, compared swissinfo. Rising temperatures, many visitors in the most attractive cold in the mountains he believes.

Also the dry weather could play, because scientists believe that the summer temperatures in Switzerland in 2050 an increase of three degrees, while the rain drops to the fifth.

Consequences of global warming are also the floods and landslides, which in mountain areas are increasingly expected. These events are for the attention of the changes in the landscape. In a recently published study suggests researchers from the University of Bern, that places of tourism to these threats must prepare.

Crisis management and risk analysis in the future play a key role in regard to the safety of guests and keeping the infrastructure going.
Glacier ice in the summer

One of the main attractions, namely, the glaciers melt literally in the hands of the then director of Switzerland Tourism. The bottom line, the number of summer visitors waiting to holes in the winter things, like the federal government of experts in a survey last March said.

"To maintain their attractiveness, requires its tourist offers to new conditions," the report says. Approved the terms of climate and landscape as in the planning and development of the sites involved.
When the land no longer holds

"The biggest challenge is natural disasters, where the accumulation of a sudden," said Hansjörg Trachsel, director of the canton of Grisons economy. Because if the thawing of soil, previously frozen, steps must be taken.

"We are very well prepared and know exactly where is the danger of the herd," said Trachsel. If these areas are not yet built, and then only with a structural improvement. "This is an appeal, but we must closely monitor the threats."

Trachsel is convinced that the warmer weather for Graubünden positive impact. The traditional destinations of St. Moritz or Davos, showed an increase in the Italian guests, before the heat and smog in Milan to the Engadine "flee."
Nothing rush

Similarly, in the canton of Valais. For tourism director Jean-Michel Cina crowd, but not immediate action. "We must be aware of climate change. The biggest problem is not the summer, but the winter because we do not have enough water for the snow guns have."

Also, the St. Galler tourism expert Thomas Bieger cautioned übereiligen conclusions. Because the exact effects of global warming now know that yet.

"Climate change could occur suddenly, even in the form of a slowdown in central Europe," said Bieger. Therefore, it would be prudent to prepare for a scenario without development in 30 or 40 years to find out.

swissinfo, Isobel Leybold-Johnson
(Transfer of English: Renat Künzi)


Resource for learning how to cope with climate-related disasters


The resort of Engelberg is doing much, if not again the victim of a catastrophic flood in the media or to be the size of a disaster oversubscribe.

Nobody doubts that the beauty of the Alps, the trump card of the Swiss tourism. Nature also has an ugly side, as in 2005 when floods elsewhere Engelberg results.

Nearly two years after the August 2005 storm are still works in progress, the piece of road in the village entrance on the back foot is definitely seen as part of the railway line had been snatched. Switzerland is the second time in six years of extreme weather has been ravaged.

Due to the destruction of the short section of road and rail at the entrance to the village only Engelbergs links with the outside world by land, while more than two weeks was interrupted.
Massive loss of turnover

Engelberg Switzerland was the only source of the flooding was so affected, which also attracted journalists in droves. Around 200 representatives of the helicopter flight, others made the arduous journey on foot of the mountains to reach their history.

The material damage of more than 4000 people whose income is usually directly or indirectly dependent on tourism remains limited. There were mainly flooded the basement and ground floor and the damage was largely covered by insurance.

What did create Engelberg, was the loss of revenue of around 18 million francs in the tourism industry. Many travel companies have their guests not only during the 16 days in which Engelberg isolated environment had changed, but for the rest of the summer and autumn.

"I spent days and weeks, operators have to convince them to return," said Fredy Miller, director of tourism to swissinfo. Media has the impression, Engelberg never be as before, although most a few months after cleaning was complete, so Miller.

Back on the agenda

Stabilized after the floods, the number of tourists in the winter at the normal level, even in summer.

Engelberg still generates about 70% of their income during the ski season, but in recent years, the summer season has become more important.

Engelberg had a few years ago decided to become a resource throughout the year to hotels, shops and mountain railways are now eleven months of operation. This was an important step to attract more visitors from Asia, often outside the main travel season.

The marketing efforts have apparently paid off. According to Miller spent some tourists from India more nights in Engelberg hotels in other destinations in Switzerland, which also applies to cities like Zurich and Geneva.

But most international destination to Engelberg, the harder it is, in the case of a disaster, no matter what level, not the focus of international media standards.

If there should be a next time, Miller would like to have more control over the media. "The objective would be initially very little to say, then more, and then switch to positive communication," he says. "About the road within two weeks will be opened."
Action Plan

Martin Odermatt, a member of the council and head of the Crisis Staff Engelberger, want a situation like last time does not happen again. "We found a lot to do, but it's enough for such an extreme case."

After the floods of August 2005, under the supervision Engelberg Odermatt revised its crisis management and risk analysis conducted in the future of the worst natural disasters such as avalanches, landslides, floods, better equipped to be.

To reduce risks, was the reconstruction of the 2005 storm destroyed roads and railway viaduct strengthened. Engelberg also invested more in other emergency measures and long-term measures.

Thus, in future emergency teams are ready to assist in flood hazard under bridges and other floating and dismantle bedload of watercourses to remove. Therefore, to prevent the rivers and streams are dammed and banks.

In addition, the bank plans to improve construction approved to return to the flooding of the village to prevent, and less in urban areas, flood zones must be created.

Another important element is communication. "You can not react, but time is always good in mind," says Odermatt swissinfo.

"We must ensure that people never before exposed a potentially dangerous situation was safe. Nature has two parts - with this, we must live."

swissinfo, Dale Bechtel in Engelberg
(Transfer of English: Rita Emch)


"With common sense to reduce energy consumption"


Swiss citizens enjoy an increasing standard of living. But this goes hand in hand with more and more energy. A dilemma?

There is a way out without a waiver, according to the Swiss energy expert Michael Kaufmann. His magic word through energy efficiency.

The goal is ambitious: The Swiss standard of living with less energy than previously held.

Fighters on the front line, Michael Kaufmann, Vice Director of the Federal Office of Energy and Head of the Swiss Energy, the energy efficiency and renewable energy.

"Energy efficiency means that with so little expenditure of energy, so little energy expenditure as much work herausholt and performance," said swissinfo.

Specifically, this means: "We have the technologies available today, with the same performance on a machine, a vehicle or an electrical device that has only half the amount of energy the same performance."
Each year more

More efficient use of energy produced is the face of global warming urgent. Because it uses more energy each year in Switzerland.

In 2005, over 890'000 terajoules (TJ). A concept that is somewhat abstract, since it brings together various sources of energy, whose share of clean energy with the same unit of measurement is given.

TJ is 280,000 kilowatt hours (KWh) in Switzerland in 2005 to 250 million kWh of energy consumed. Per person, the nearly 42,000 kWh. Compared with the previous year, an increase of 1.3%.
Buildings, vehicles, equipment

The biggest savings is in the house of a trader. With MINERGIE or passive houses could be 50 to 80% of the houses conventional energy can be saved.

But even in areas of vehicles and electrical appliances can be every bit of energy to waste, he said. Even if, for example, some devices with an A, A + or A + + on the energy label is a little more expensive.

"If the long term, over the life of an estimated these extra costs no more than offset by the reduction of energy consumption, energy saving," said the expert.

In the field of electricity can only use the best technology available approximately one third less energy consumed. This has led to the Swiss Agency for Energy Efficiency (SAFE), based on 2005 figures calculated.

Avoid standby

However, to save energy, but not always the most efficient equipment to be purchased. Often, even to meet the press of a button, for example, how many of the devices break.

Many devices in Switzerland are constantly on guard and ready to consume about 2 / 3 of the energy needed in their entirety. Let the energy to start a Swiss lever.

"No one voluntarily from one device," said Kaufmann. "The electricity is not so expensive." That's why you need tools, technical solutions to pending under control. Or bars with a whole array of devices with the touch of a button on the network can be.
Also called economy

However, Switzerland is far from being a nation of saving them. There is also a board of economic behavior, as outlined Kaufmann.

He sees great opportunities for improvement in production. "With efficient motors, controllers, air, we have a huge potential savings."

A CO2 emissions in the economy (around 10 million tons) to reduce the running next to the Parliament decided on CO2 tax currently several programs.

"We see today that the economy is also moving in that direction and a clear reduction in energy consumption works."
No Surrender

Savings, yes, but by giving up a trader wants to hear anything. It was possible, in Switzerland today to maintain living standards, he said. For him, a question of attitude: "I do not want to surrender to preach, but intelligent, rational behavior."

Compared with other countries, Switzerland is quite good there, "said the expert. But exactly when purchasing high quality of life and that puts the itch. "Much of the energy in Switzerland is again disappointed - more for the consumer."

swissinfo, Christian and Raaflaub Gaby Ochsenbein

New starting point for an energy plan for Switzerland


With the economic recovery also increases the consumption of electricity in Switzerland. The Federal Office of Energy has developed energy for new perspectives to meet the supply gap.

The Swiss energy policy in the balancing act between the demands of climate change and the economy with the supply of safe and affordable energy.

For over thirty years, the Swiss authorities undertake efforts to maintain the country's energy consumption orderly tracks.

Decades of economic boom, consumption control without exaggerated curves. It was 1973, the Commission for an overall concept of the energy used to, the different scenarios to prepare for the clash as the policy options can be used.

The Commission, under the "Energy Pope" Michael Kohn 1978 submitted its final report. Some recommendations were in 1991 by the people and the cantons of Energy approved the article in the Federal added.

This allows the federal government in a given context, energy saving and the use of environment to promote energy sources.
Energy consumption continues to rise

Despite the article of the Constitution, however, energy consumption in Switzerland since 1980, grew steadily, although not as fast as 1950 to 1980, but still striking.

Around 40% more energy than 25 years already passed, the Swiss population in 2005 (a total of 890'000 TJ. Terajoules A = 280,000 kWh). While fuel consumption, thanks to more efficient thermal insulation of buildings between 1980 and 2005, about 45 to 25% of total Endenergiekonsums declined.

This success, however, was nullified by the increase in fuel consumption, now 31, compared with 25% of the total energy pie for the claims.
Figure on energy
Chart energy (swissinfo)
Power hungry

Absolute and relative has increased from 1980 to 2005, electricity consumption, from 19 to almost 23% of total energy consumption. Electricity is an important factor of production for industry and services, almost 70% (including railways) flowing into these areas of the economy.

The hopes, economic growth and energy consumption can be decoupled, have not been met. In fact, demand for electricity in each of the past only in times of recession weakened, then the economic recovery in it.
Blocked nuclear energy debate

Switzerland, sooner or later, especially when faced with a shortage of power could be not only endorsed today. However, prevention of the dispute over the use of nuclear energy in the last twenty years, the formulation of a coherent energy policy.

From 1990 to 2000 in the written Constitution moratorium on building new nuclear power plants passed without any concrete and viable proposals, such as the power of central Switzerland and the long term can be presented.
New start

Now, the Federal Office of Energy (FOE) in the spring of its four scenarios for the regional government developed energy outlook presented 2035/2050.

In this context that the era of cheap oil is also in Switzerland is more, the national electricity production is already at its capacity limits that from 2020, the PNP and Mühlenberg Beznau I and II are expected to range from the electricity network and contracts with France to start leaving.

Moreover, limiting the scope of energy policy from the commitment to the global climate damaging emissions of carbon dioxide fixed.

For all those who probably do not need to stagnate: Depending on the scenario SFOE wait until 2035 with an increase in electricity consumption by up to 23%.

Only stage IV (2000-watt society) the promises of big investments in energy efficiency and new technologies, reduced electricity demand by almost 8%. This is by far not enough that the then-closed nuclear power plant to compensate.
Focus on energy efficiency

To come from the 2020 shortage, the Federal Office of Energy, with a three-pronged strategy to meet the highest priority is to improve energy efficiency at all levels.

Second is the goal, and the accelerated development of hydropower. The remaining difference is fossil fuel thermal plants will be stopped, with the additional CO2 emissions from abroad would have to compensate.

With new nuclear plants as the BFE, in a first round is not expected, because this due to the long approval process is expected until the network could go 2030/35.

swissinfo, Ulrich Goetz

A People and its Nuclear


The power company Atel has started the week under license for a new nuclear plant in all of Switzerland to secure explosives. For the villagers, there is little resistance. A visit to the town Niedergösgen.

Niedergösgen not miss a pass for roads, houses with red shutters and green, a bakery, a few restaurants and automobile workshops.

The latest symbol of the town is Solothurner Castle Church. But the construction neubarocke with domes and tower stattlichem, trutzig on a rock above the village, has 30 years of the competition will receive the cooling tower of the nuclear power plants in the neighboring town Däniken. The proud Schlosskirche is in the shadow of the concrete tower monstrous.

The church needs are visually AKW Gösgen to compete, but the church had more power to forgive. This compares with the 100 anniversary of the church in the community was not well received, says the Roman Catholic priest Niedergösgen, Jürg Schmid.
Children with leukemia

Is it after the river Aare-Tessin Ltd. for Electricity (Atel), the existing nuclear Däniken Gösgen work, it would Niedergösgen all three municipalities, and a second Gretzenbach Däniken AKW arise. "I think a very bold second floor," says the shepherd of souls-4000 community. He saw the need for a new plant, however, wondered whether the requirement in the densely populated Mittelland be built.

Does the recent German study, according to children under five years in the vicinity of nuclear power plants often fall ill with leukemia. The relationship, though not scientifically proven, but he has to think if you're in the neighborhood children with leukemia meet.

Cars that people have nothing to say or no resistance Niedergösgen? "People have become accustomed to the NPP," said Schmid.
Large employers

"You have here in the last 30 years, great confidence in the development of nuclear plant operators," said Kurt Henzmann the mayor, like most of the council, the draft of a new nuclear power advocates. The plant will be monitored regularly by federal and cantonal authorities. And you know people who work there.

The AKW Gösgen employs approximately 400 employees. According Henzmann home to 80% of them in the vicinity. Benefit the people of maintenance work.

"Of course, there is some potential danger in each AKW. But I worry that if the other side of the border would be," said the mayor.
The money could be better

Only with the financial situation is not completely satisfied. Niedergösgen have the shadow of the cooling tower, the vapor plume and the negative image, the money would be the city, but not much, so Henzmann. While the location community Däniken two thirds of the approximately 3 million AKW-tax revenue a year, are available for the other ten cities around the third.

Stossend also found that each year about 35 million after taxes Olten Atel flow where it has its headquarters. New nuclear plants would have been more than Niedergösgen rausschauen.

He does not believe that nuclear power plants in the near future will be suspended and that the model suddenly two nuclear-sit the ruins, which nobody wants to operate.

Henzmann mass demonstrations against the construction of the nuclear Gösgen before 1979 as a small child at first hand. Wait, that does not return, but you should probably wait, he said.
Art in the cooling tower

As usual in the town Schmiedstube restaurant gejasst. The cards are sponsored by AKW Gösgen. The second nuclear power plant is only a positive response to the four men who all work for the PNP. "On the other hand, take power?" Only the appearance seems to bother: "Two fireplaces in the front of the nose that sucks to have a little to me," said one of the men. The new high will be less, accuses his colleagues.

In a field a few hundred meters AKW collects a woman with her two children strawberries. Birdsong mixes with the buzzing of the power line.

Schön not looking, said the proposed new nuclear power plant. "You could be so artistically designed cooling towers," he proposes. Rather than worry about a second nuclear power station no. "If something happens, the whole of Switzerland is gone. Then, in nearby, then you are at least equal to the dead," he says.
"The criticism as blasphemy"

The young farmer, whose farm in the shadow of the massive gray wall of the cooling tower, is against a second nuclear power plant before its door nothing wrong. "Bring back the jobs in the region," Meier said Bruno, with the AKW Gösgen grew.

The NC is a manufacturing company like any other, he said, adding: "It would be nice if something Niedergösgen Gösgen II Gösgen receive more money than I." Meier does not refer to the quality of their products, and safety "can be something like that."

She was totally surprised, said a social educator Olten. There was no reaction from the indigenous population. "Criticism of the nuclear power plant by the locals as the perceived blasphemy." The existing nuclear plants provide people not only jobs but also try to find events such as car fails in the nuclear field to work to tie it says.

Baker's wife speaks clear in any case. "Now over 30 years live with a nuclear power plant, I do not need a second. Reichts me," he said. People defend itself if the project takes. At the moment it is too soon.

swissinfo, Corinne Buchser


Walk against global warming - Velosophie


Climate change is one of the most important issues of our time. In industrialized countries, made great efforts to solve the problem of climate change to be found. But the fact is that all are required to solve this problem.

One of the key words in the debate on climate change is the "mobility". This means, among other things, alternatives to road transport, especially when they materialize, where travel by car and can easily be replaced (in towns and cities), by walking or transport that do not cause CO2 emissions .

The bicycle is here as the ideal way to transport. Compared with other countries - Germany, Switzerland and Scandinavian countries in particular - have Austrian cities and towns, however, a high deficit in the proportion of bicycle traffic in total traffic. For comparison: in the Netherlands and Denmark, six (!) The largest number of miles on a bicycle in Austria.

The "Ride Against Global Warming. More bicycle. Less CO2." Special - together with partners in the bicycle industry and with the support of the Ministry of life - the goal, the proportion of total traffic of bicycles in the next five years to double.

This results in addition to the important contribution to climate change as an economic outlook for the Austrian business cycle. For the city and daily life of bicycles and bicycle accessories suitable for the coming years, with the continuing increase in sales figures to be.

And maybe even a cycling boom in us!

What we make of it depends on us. And make our contribution to climate change must be determined. Signs of the times are, in any event not to be missed!

Velosophie free magazine, which now appears quarterly, is the spokesperson for this initiative. It aims to raise awareness of people: Sensible treat our environment, if possible, leave your car, bike or walk.

Velosophie want, but especially one: the fun of the bike and enjoy an active life in a inatkten.

Info: www.rideagainstglobalwarming


Warm socks against Global Warming


Because the Earth is warmer, globally, need to guard against the northern Europeans soon warm socks. This contradiction is, in fact, none. Owing to higher temperatures in the Arctic and Greenland in the near future could lead to Europe's energy bomb, the Gulf, are becoming weaker and eventually absent.

Currently, these currents carried from the tropics is hardly conceivable amount of energy - is equivalent to one hundred times what the human world of the energy consumed - to Europe. This energy heats the earth's surface in the region, the average annual rate of at least five degrees Celsius. If the Gulf of, does this mean for northern Europe eiskalte about ten degrees colder winter. And this is - to natural emissions of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide or methane - possibly happen in the next century, researchers warn in the British magazine Now Ecologista.
Background is the recognition that the Gulf Stream in the Arctic, the relatively high concentration of salt near the surface of the ocean water as a motor. Too much fresh water entering the rivers in the northern hemisphere, or the melting of polar ice caps of Greenland ice or salt water affects these engines like the sand in the gears a gasoline engine. The Gulf Stream begins to "jump" and eventually die. Flows of only 0.25 percent more freshwater into the North Atlantic, do this - so the data from NASA's Goddard Institute for Space Studies - to a sudden end Nordwärtsströmung of the Gulf.

Hardly noticed by the world public opinion is already a similar power in the Mediterranean Sea by global warming, collapsed. In the past cold water flowed from the Adriatic Sea on the seabed along the southeastern Aegean Sea and the Levantine Basin. In turn, poured hot water from the Aegean Sea in the Adriatic. But this is no longer the case. Because of a likely global warming, caused increased evaporation of water and less fresh water near the surface of the salt waters of the eastern Mediterranean. Instead of coming to this northeast reduces hot water from now on the seabed of the Aegean - with unknown consequences for the ecosystem of the Mediterranean.

This example of how to respond to the current sensitive to climate change, should be warning enough. Europeans should not wait until the Gulf has changed its direction, but the next time you go shopping warm wool. Then we could take effect next winter Einzuheizen in socks - in the food cycle of sheep grazing - the use of solar energy stocks. There would be no fossil fuels and thus saving greenhouse gases and the Gulf perhaps a little more alive. []


The theory behind the Mind Maps


If you look closely the nature and operation of human memory and other important brain functions used, you will notice that the brain is abnormally high capacity and potential. The mind map is a tool that is to bring enjoyment to stimulate and challenge you. Here are some surprising facts about your brain and its role in public, and has already taken the first steps toward freedom of mind indeed.
What is a mental map?

A mind map is a very effective way to information that the brain or retrieve information from there is also a creative and logical tools for taking notes and to recover again. Their ideas are in the true sense of the word on the map (Engl. MAP) reported.

Mind Maps all have some things in common, such as the natural structure, is a center that moves from the outside. The lines, symbols, words, colors and images for use, the concept of truth "under brain do. A map of the mind makes a long list of information, a very colorful table monotonous ordered recall is much better, because it is the same type of structure to which the brain works.

A simple way to imagine a mind map with a map to compare. The center is the main idea or theme, main roads of the city center are the main axes of reflection, and roads "second order" or branches are subordinate to their thoughts and so on. Images or Special graphic elements as can be especially interesting for phases or ideas can be used.

The mind map is an internal exterior mirrors of his thought. It is the understanding of a powerful graphical process easier, the latest such thing as a universal key to the brain and its potential.

Here are the five essential characteristics of a mental map:

* The basic idea of the subject or the center is equipped with a central screen.
* The main ideas of this circular image that they are 'branches' call.
* These classes contain a key image or a keyword that is based on the appropriate line is appropriate.
* The issues of importance as subordinate sub-branches are the main branch will be assigned.
* The branches form a connected 'Knoten structure.


The physical architecture of the brain and the founding of Mind Maps

Thought radio - a clearer, more natural and more effective use of our brains

What is happening in our brains before, when a ripe pear flavor, smell the flowers, listen to music, watch a river, a touch of a loved one or simply revel in the memories? The answer is surprisingly simple and complex. Each piece of information in the brain, every feeling, every memory, or idea can be seen as a central element, with all the words, numbers, codes, food, smells, lines, colors, images, notes and textures are incorporated. Key elements of these crashes hundreds, thousands or even millions of hooks, each with a hook link, each in turn an unlimited number of connections can have. In this enormous capacity to learn and to process the information derived from the concept of thought radial (Radiant Thought), which is manifest in the mind map. The radiant thinking patterns of our brain can be as huge branches to connect to imagine - a super-Biocomputer line of thought, an unlimited number of data nodes "outside.

State of the art research on the left and right cerebral hemisphere

Almost at the same time they began to use Mind Maps, another phenomenon has been investigated scientifically and demonstrated its importance as an 'easy-to-brain thinking. In California, Dr. Roger Sperry was responsible for this research received the Nobel Prize, discovered that the evolution of his young brain of the cerebral cortex is divided into two hemispheres and hemispheres numerous intellectual functions, the so-called crust skills. These include: logic, rhythm, line colors, lists, dreams, numbers, imagination, word, figure (see the picture as a whole). Sperrys own research showed that most of these activities, plus the increased power of the brain, with higher profits in a field, in turn, the performance of other sectors increased. So if you work with the mind mapping, use, and train not only the fundamental forces and the memory for information, which are also using the full range of cortical skills.

Map account has been through the many tools that are in the two halves of the brain to turn even more powerful because it is the clarity, structure and organization of thinking to improve. And because the mental map of the instruments of constructive imagination, association and allocation, as well as the ability of the right / left brain uses, can the mind map as the last "Denkwerkzeug 'See, in its structure , a significant and meaningful way to think together.

The power of images

If the capacity of radiant thinking on the left cortical skills, ie can be applied to words, you can have the same power even in the right cortical skills, ie, imagination and images? 1970 Scientific American magazine published Habers Ralph that research showed that people with a probability of 85 images to correctly recognize 95 percent. There is the famous phrase "A picture is worth a 1000 words. We remember the images and association, as have many of our cortical skills, especially the idea of force. Moving images rather than words can be more accurate and capable of A number of associations of activation, which in turn, creative thinking and improving memory. These results support the argument, Mind Maps are a unique tool. The map not only the images, is an image.

Tony Buzan and Mind Mapping

For centuries, people have used the technique of a circular arrangement of elements on a picture, the British author Tony Buzan psychology has this technique. He argues that "traditional" information presented requires that the reader is left to right and from top to bottom absorbed, while the brain is the best and most natural to the information you just do not ring liinear. Buzan also uses generalized assumptions about the brain cerebral hemispheres for the exclusive use of Mind Mapping - rather than other forms of list - recommend.

Tony Buzan has several brands in the minds and the minds Map Cartography.


Mind Mapping Software Tips


Mapping the mind to be able to software, it is important first to analyze exactly what is needed:

If you simply want to create Mind Maps is a freeware program like FreeMind, a good and sufficient. Some free online tools also allow the storage of maps on the Internet, to share with others and to work together with them. However, savings of Mind Maps containing confidential or sensitive security issues.
Commercial Software
If you have mapping software, however, wants to increase productivity, which is very important, what to do with Mind Maps can be generated to start over. Are there different points of view, for example, Flowchart, from left to right, Fishbone, timing, structure, Gantt, etc.? How well it works with Microsoft Office? Many users of mind mapping software Mind Maps, in order to plan projects - from simple lists to complex Gantt charts. Mind mapping software as a professional MindView Business Day 2 (before openmind 2) allows you to add information to the map of tasks - and have joined in the Gantt chart view.
Here is a checklist to select the mapping software of the mind:

* Easy to operate
* Many supplied templates
* Number of different views (Mind Map, Organizational structure from left to right, time line, Gantt chart, etc.)
* Working with MS Office (import / export from / to Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, Project)
* Format of additional export, for example, HTML, XML and image
* Information management and the task of project management rules

Good luck!


Inspiration is like Birds


For me, Jakarta is a city boasting unparalleled spur creativity in the writing. Two days in Pontianak, a fact not produce any posts is probably reasonable to beloved posted in this blog. But another case in Jakarta. In the city of Metropilitan this, sometimes there is only inspiration that appears. He berlompat-jump on the head, sometimes no matter the time: when I are eating, like sleep, wake up sleeping, running, when the fun bath, and also (sorry) while nongkrong in the toilet (of course you already know what activities the kumaksudkan).

Inspiration. It would not have better things to bind this inspiration than immediately writes. Because if not, the inspiration that will be valuable evaporate and fly casually. Like a bird that we can be new, the inspiration like a wild animal is winged. Birds want to always free, as well as inspiration. But entahlah, whether the actual relationship between inspiration and birds, akupun not know. Suddenly this analogy only perch in the head.

Recognized or not, may at any time we have always inspired. But sometimes we are too lazy to mengikatnya, so it was wild to fly everywhere. Can be the inspiration of the new aircraft from the head and then we descend on the head of others. If other people are more creative and more patient than us, may be inspired to become something that will be valuable.

Will not painstaking and patient, care and do not care, memoriku suddenly descend on the course a few years ago. Only because of passivity and ketidakseriusan region of a country to manage the rather broad, so when there is a certain region close to neighboring countries and become the country's neighbors.

Why can so? Because the neighboring countries are more concerned with the region, while the country that he said have a wide region that do not care, do not consider that a wide area. The geographical area of the country is only concerned to build a center of power, while the areas outside the center of power left stranded, left to remain poor, not to be built. Later then known, was taken by the neighboring countries that have a lot of natural wealth, but also beautiful and captivating natural. How like more, rice has become porridge, rue mindless.

Until nearly the end of this paper, is still a lot of inspiration that will descend on the head. But keep in mind, not too greedily the inspiration with the new perch. As the new birds that we may only catch we can hold a. Can do two tails, but making enough to touch. Not how many we get the inspiration that we all want to catch it and we are not edge-edge into anything, but how our creative process so that inspiration into something valuable. [Hanafi Mohan; Ciputat, 4 Dec 2008]

"The Da Vinci Code" Not only the Christian Faith


I may include a late read novel "The Da Vinci Code" works of Dan Brown, because the novel is published for the first time in 2003 (English edition). Then rise in Indonesia (Indonesian edition) in 2004 and 2005. Now already in 2008. So can be said, is that I am the person who read the novels of late this interesting. But for me, no word too late to share what kumengerti the contents of the novel kubaca it. Because for me, it's possible that everyone has a different view after reading the content of the novel, I am no exception.

Now, I have finished reading the novel "The Da Vinci Code." When in the process of reading it, I always make estimates-estimates (suspicion-suspicion), like a detective. And in fact, suspicion-persangkaanku that so many of decline. At the end of the novel, I can smile and interesting breath relieved, after so many tensions in this novel.

To make it more interesting, read this novel in a sequence from the beginning to the end. Make a note of foreboding, we suspicion, which suspicion-suspicion that we will fall apart when we read the next page. Write the new findings. And possibly, our suspicion suspicion-based new findings also will collapse when we read the next page. Note continue the development of novel. Do not forget to record things that interest us, such as puzzles, passwords, codes, and symbols that terpecahkan, the puzzles, passwords, codes, and symbols of inter-related and have a lot of sense. Note also other things that we consider interesting, such as history and facts about the doctrines of religion. In the novel is about the Christian doctrine.

For readers who are in addition to Christian, this novel is also interesting to see us, so that we can delve back confidence in us for this, that so many metaphorical-a metaphorical metaphorical metaphorical-we consider it as a truth itself, that can be said that the metaphor-metaphor that has become dogma and doctrine that is very difficult to sued.

At the end of the page novel, I am surprised how. In fact Captain Bezu Fache was not a professional police duties in the run (because persangkaanku before, that Captain Bezu Fache including conspiracy to murder in this, namely that the plot is perkiraanku Opus Dei). Because berkatnyalah later, the mysterious murder case can be revealed, with tertangkapnya Sir Leigh Teabing (Teacher), and Prof.. Langdon and Sophie Neveu be saved.

Bishop Aringarosa not only a Bishop in the Opus Dei (The highest in the Opus Dei) who are having difficulties, and he did not know at all "Teacher." Bids from the "Teacher" acceptance, because he wanted to come out of these difficulties. But he can finally realize that he has no more tricked by the "Guru". Silas and turns, the child didiknya that, not only is a former criminals, who run with a mysterious task that he hopes to redeem his sin. Finally, Silas (Menurutku) seem to go back into the good (at the end of the story, Silas likely to die, because tertembak by police). And Opus Dei is not involved in this case, as Bishop Aringarosa only dijebak by Sir Leigh Teabing (Teacher).

And last, Langdon and Sophie Neveu after the existence of the Holy Grail, Holy Grail, which is likely only parables. Because the Holy Grail is no place in accordance with the instructions Sauniere password. That there is then, Sophie Neveu can meet with her grandmother and younger brother lakinya men, during which he is aware of Her grandfather (Sauniere) that the grandmother and sister-lakinya men also become victims of a car accident along with both parents.

That makes me confused, this incident in the novel only held overnight, resumed the morning to afternoon and then (may be just around the approximately 20 hours, or may be shorter than that), the terbunuhnya Sauniere from 10:46 hours on the night in Paris, Teachers to tertangkapnya (Sir Leigh Teabing) in London (in the novel, time tertangkapnya not explained, but can be estimated at a glance, may be next day afternoon).

Sequentially short chronology:
From 10 at night until about 6 am in Paris.
1) 10:46 pm (Louvre Museum, Paris): Sauniere killed.
2) 12.32 dinihari (Hotel Ritz, Paris): Langdon was in the Hotel Ritz, Paris.
3) Then, Langdon is in the Louvre Museum (jamnya not mentioned).
4) Langdon and Sophie Neveu to the Railway Station (not mentioned jamnya)
5) Langdon and Sophie Neveu in the Zurich-Saving Bank Branch Paris.
6) Midnight (jamnya not mentioned): Villette is located in Puri Leigh Teabing-owned Paris.
7) Conduct flight from Paris to London (jamnya not mentioned).

6:30 am to London in the Afternoon
1) 6.30: landing in London
2) 7.30 in the Temple Church, London
3) in the King's College Library (morning-time details, not written).
4) Biara Westminster, London (the time is not written)
5) Tertangkapnya Teachers (Sir Leigh Teabing), probably around the afternoon.

Create a more bizarre, background-position switch is moved, even from Paris to London (where the distance that may not be able to close it is said). With a story that mencekam indeed, can only in the short time (about 20 minutes more or less) all of that happening? Entahlah. But I certainly, this novel so interesting, and worthy to read.

If the comment said that the novel "The Da Vinci Code" has been rock Christian faith. So for me, after I finish reading the novel, the comment was indeed correct. I even want to add, that the novel, if read carefully and not just literally, by anyone, by any believer, the novel is also likely will shake the faith of anyone any religion. For example I am now (I is "Islam"), the more the doctrines and dogma-dogma held and believed by Muslims during this story as a glimpse cartoons. As Muslims believe in this story of Adam and Eve as the first man who was living in Heaven, which was then thrown to the ground because it has to do sin. In the story of the Prophet Muhammad received a revelation (which is a confidence during this Islamic nation), the Prophet Muhammad said that face-to-face with the Angel Gabriel is like two people who are in dialogue. In the other story that is believed Muslims also mentioned that a time when the Prophet Muhammad received a revelation, he saw the Angel Gabriel as a mediator penyampai revelation is very visible with huge wings that cover the sky. And the most controversial of confidence for Muslims this is the story of Isra 'Mi'raj, the events of the Prophet Muhammad during a trip in the night (only possible in a few hours) from Masjidil Haram (Makkah, Saudi Arabia) to the Masjidil Aqsa (Jerusalem - Palestine), and then resumed from Masjidil Aqsa to "Sidratul Muntaha" which is located on the "seventh heaven", and then met with the Lord (also said to meet previous prophets, like Jesus, Prophet Moses, Abraham and the Prophet). Indeed the mysterious journey, supranatural, suprahuman, and tend to not make sense. Do not things like this in many religions (including Islam), the stories that are not reasonable, and we continue up to now with the faithful (forced or not forced) to believe that the events actually occurred in "real" .

I think that the commentator (Amirah Latifah, Sidnan Al-Faruqi, Ain Muhammadi, and Adian Husaini - their comments published by Humanities Magazine, April 2005) not only have to see the novel "The Da Vinci Code" is in relation to the Christian faith, but how well they are also more aware that in the Islamic religion is also a lot of doctrines and dogma-dogma that we must also pertanyakan, such as Dan Brown is a doubt about the doctrines of the Christian. So that we as Muslims will not continue to say that Islam is the most-net and the right, while other religions are dirty and wrong.

I think that Dan Brown did not just shoot the target to the Christians. However, because he the Christian, the goal is to understand he is dituju Christians. But nonetheless, I believe, as a writer, Dan Brown still put in a universal message that can be understood by people of any religion. Namely that the controversy about teaching religion is not only override the Christian religion, but also to override the other religions (eg Islam). And it can be clearly we read in the novel "The Da Vinci Code" is. However, because we see only the errors on other religions (especially the novel is about the Christian doctrine), then we forget that in our religion (Islam) is actually a lot of teaching, confidence, and the doctrine and the controversy. However, because we already terlanjur hate Christianity, the to-be said that our Christian religion is the error. But I still believe (and if readers want to read more carefully and not just literally), that the novel "The Da Vinci Code" is not also put in a little message, that any religion in the world certainly has the dogma and doctrine may be almost similar to the that occurred in the Christian community, that if there is against the dogma and doctrine are (or have academic or confidence that is different from the majority of the people), then he will be seen as a misguided and unbelievers. Is not this for us as Muslims also experience this?

In the novel is written, that Bishop Aringarosa and Silas is the Christian fanatics, which is told in the novel could easily be used by teachers and diperalat (Sir Leigh Teabing). If Silas is people new to the Christian Religion, the Bishop Aringarosa are already old Christian Religion recognize, moreover, it is a supreme leader and the Bishop of Opus Dei. Islam is not in itself so many people like this? Namely that it seems very loyal and fanatical of the confidence that he was religious, and then the fanatical follower of Islam that this will be very easy diperalat and used by people (or institutions) who have a hidden interest. And strange, of the Islamic fanatics who are not aware that he diperalat and used. They know that what they do for this is for defending "religious" (defend the "God").

Ciputat, Saturday, 19 January 2008 At 18:22 WIB

Hanafi Mohan
The Searchers

Reading from the Rear


This is the most personal experience of myself, that is read from the back page (the end), contrary to the habits we in for, that is read from the front page (page). Weird maybe, but you try to read like this fellow, you will certainly get the sensation other than usual. Oh yes, for while this may only be suitable to read the novel, for reading the other I have never try.

Imagine, when reading the novel, then you know the first endingnya, then go for the pieces you will know the story first. This is sensasinya Menurutku. The author of novels may be preparing the novel is the story with logikanya that was very special for each author. But as readers we do not have to follow the logic the author's novel. When the novel is alreadJustify Fully in the hands of our readers, we are free sebebas-free for the mengapresiasi novel.

This is the turn back, to be the beginning of the end, be the end of the beginning. Or, still the early beginning, the end still end, but we read the first, while we will initially see the end. If the author of the novel has its own logikanya braided story in writing, so harmless, we also have a distinctive logic, and the distinctive way of reading the paper the author's novel.

The more we do not want to follow the logic of the novel's author. The more we do not want to fall by way of approach the author of the novel is the story that he created. Readers have logikanya own, have their own independence, has a distinctive way, ....

This is the revolution of the readers, this is the resistance of the readers, ...

"Edan," said friends.

Kujawab ago, "No one is more ridiculous than the author of the story, friends. Try you think, is there any more ridiculous than the people who mengkonstruksi story to a long-beratus many hundred pages. Then a more ridiculous is we, as would have followed the logic of the author only to find out what ending story, as told what braided. Because of that, so we do not fall with the logic of the author is, how well we read more endingnya first. If endingnya good, then we read his work lanjutkanlah it. But if endingnya ugly, then no one we decided not to read the novel. Done, right? "

With the face of such folded-fold, pluck friends, "Truly, wacky, eccentric alias bin sableng you that," and friends itupun pass from hadapanku. While I chortle see the faces of friends such as paper out diremas-remas it, such as clothing or may never disetrika, if Malay Pontianak called "ronyok," if the Jakarta might call "creased". You know that I mean this, friends? [Hanafi Mohan]

Ciputat, Sunday - 29 June 2008 17:07 - 17:32 WIB

Writing with Emotion


Excerpt from a lecture Doctor, that writing is one of the media to channel our emotions. In addition to writing, art is also a media distribution emotions so effectively. People who have the spirit of art is also a possibility that people have a soft heart. Well, then how emotions, art, and writing activities into one unit? Of course, the works that will be so incredible, such as novels, short story, poetry, lyric, song lyrics, music composition, and the papers are similar in which a combination of emotion, art, and writing.

So, for anyone who has the difficult emotions are controlled, then try channel emotions through writing. Curahkanlah grief, distress, disappointment, anger, and any emotions that through writing. When tersadar of these emotions, that we have any posts berlembar-many pieces. Then we are aware, the emotions we have recorded so in the form of writing. Or can also serve as the emotions are triggered in writing. That is, can we any posts that are not related to our emotions, but emotions are only made for you in writing. When this is done, this will continue to hand engrave a pen on paper, fingers will continue to dance on the keyboard keys, only the sleepy eyes that will stop it.

The note is accompanied by the emotions usually does not become dry, the language flows like a river that flows to the sea: slow, sometimes swift, rarely or never stop to collect the energy. The note is accompanied by the emotions usually very nice to read. Believe, if there are any posts that are not well read, may not have any posts written with emotion.

He explosives, confuse-blue, formations of the highway, strikes, brilliance, brights, light and bright-in of the highway. Writing with emotion is a beautiful time for the author, the time to give satisfaction for the author in the climb to reach the top of the mind. Sensation of writing like this so terrible, not only for the author, but readers also felt the sensation of the extraordinary in any posts.

Writing with emotion, has you try? [Hanafi Mohan]

Ciputat, Thursday, July 24 2008 At: 20.43-21.54 WIB

Humanities Vs Geisteswissenschaften


2 months ago I visited Paul Michael Lützeler in the room and good estimates the probability of success of new degree programs in humanities. Even then I burned on the nails, which for many years in the United States invited to the teaching of academic literature about the differences and similarities between American and local human illuminate the humanities. Also in the comments, the issue already touched. In short, it is now - Mike wanted to once again welcome in the pub good! You have the floor.

Humanities Vs Geisteswissenschaften

The difference between American and German Humanities Humanities is probably less than is commonly assumed. Both are collective terms for the historical sciences of life involved in the languages and literatures (mostly) with the arts (visual arts, theater, music), philosophy and religion and history. Have their origin in the seven liberal arts, as in the universities of medieval Europe, were taught, so that the Trivium (grammar, rhetoric, logic) and Quadrivium (geometry, arithmetic, music and astronomy). For the differentiation of science, however, many of the seven liberal arts have migrated to areas that are now directly (such as astronomy) or indirectly (geometry and arithmetic) to include the natural sciences. Furthermore, the revival of a scientific understanding achieved: Was in the Middle Ages to the exercise of the seven liberal arts stakeholders, which are transformed into subjects whose history is studied.

Especially during the 19th century, the number of science subjects with the rapid industrialization and in the 20th century law, as well as new disciplines such as sociology, psychology, anthropology, political science and economics at the concept of "social sciences" of the humanities outsourced. In both Germany and America have been used for the practical teaching of the arts academies or schools based on that expertise as a musician, sculptor, photographer and film and theater actor, were trained. More often than in Germany, the arts in America, however, also teach in universities, which then, however, rarely to be counted Humanities and often their own "schools" that the powers in Germany, have .

Like Germany, the humanities, but also played in the U.S., the humanities in the formation of national identity is important. Within the humanities, it was again the German Amerka in English / American, who each played a role. The latter is responsible for the formation of American national identity is still important that the German in Germany, because in America there have been countless subcultures of immigrants through the different languages and dialects verständigten. The English had a national language in the U.S. apply only while the German language in the rule established in 1871 (with some exceptions) as the accepted language of the nation.

The similarity of the humanities in the humanities has to do with several factors. On the one hand, American universities at the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th Century, called the Graduate School is, according to the College English-built training (Master's and PhD), then that the German model was structured. In addition, thousands of immigrant Jews, Hitler in Germany and Austria has been circulated in the 1940s to 1990, with his American Humanities originating in Germany strongly influenced methods. Unlike the humanities in Germany, the Humanities in the Americas after 1945, no culture and no fracture reassessment. As for his methods in the postwar period, but were relatively similar in the two countries dominated inherent structural methods.

That changed in the decade following the 1960 student movement, which in both countries culturally, left their footprints. From now on, made a strong inter-professional, multi-, inter-and transdisciplinary relevance. The result in both countries meant that more and more you can say that passed, "Cultural Studies and Cultural Studies to operate. Both in the U.S. as in Germany and have been here since the general concepts of the humanities and social sciences to cultural studies and cultural studies replaced, but the trend seems to be declining in both countries. Diesseits across the Atlantic as you can for the moment a clear statement of the items, their methodological characteristics and their history in the humanities and social sciences to see, just because one of the issues in the dialogue and strengthen the work transdisciplinary is interested. The internationalization of science has led to differences in methods of the humanities and the humanities have become increasingly small. Cross-scientific discourse, to which the contributions of many countries have provided (such as poststructuralism, gender studies, post-modernism, multiculturalism, media studies, postcolonialism and globalization) in the two countries have similar approaches to debate and interpretation approaches. Currently, a large plurality in both the humanities and the humanities can be seen. This shows that when the investigation is subject to certain of its criteria for inspiration - in the wake of fashion - a dominant issue in all or a heranträgt current method also applies to inappropriate objects. [February 19, 2008, 08:35]

Carsten Könneker, Humanities Vs Geisteswissenschaften,

Samsung Brings New Mobile Phones For You


Samsung is the world's leading brand in the whole mobile phone market. Every launch of its new model draws thousands of users towards it. If you want to feel the enchanting effects of some attractive gadgets then do try a couple of new and innovative Samsung upcoming mobile phones.

Some of the names of the upcoming Samsung mobile phones which you can buy are the Samsung S9402, Samsung T459 Gravity and Samsung T919 Behold. These phones would soon come in the market with wonderful features which you might not have used till date. The Samsung S9402 has a camera of 5 mega pixels which enables the users to click beautiful photos at an image resolution of 2560 x 1920 pixel. In addition, it has also got other tools like auto focus and image stabiliser which would help you to get better photographs.

The Samsung S9402 would appeared in the Samsung mobile market in the most popular black colour. The dimensions of this handset are approximately 115 x 48 x 16 mm. You can carry this phone easily as it weighs 140 grams only. This widget is packed with advance entertainment features. With the help of its Mp3 player and stereo FM, you can tune in to all kinds of music.

The Samsung T459 Gravity would be soon available in two attractive colours : Aqua and Lime. It offers a good camera capable of taking alluring photographs. This widget is equipped with Bluetooth v2.0 and USB v2.0 features. These tools let you transfer data to other handsets. Samsung fans who like to play mobile games can ignite this passion further with this new Samsung phone. With the help of its phonebook, a user can store around 1000 numbers of contact entries. It has a brilliant memory which can easily store data.

Another upcoming mobile phone from the house of Samsung is the Samsung T919 Behold. It will come in the market in seductive light rose and black colours. Make use of its 5 mega pixels camera to capture attractive photos in your day to day lives. It has an image resolution of 2592 x 1944 pixel. With the presence of other features, like auto focus and integrated flash you can do excellent video recording. A user of this phone can send and receive emails with attachments in an instant way. No matter if you are not in front of your personal computer, because this gadget lets you enjoy better emailing work wherever you are.

There are lots of other features of these upcoming Samsung mobile phones which the users would personally come to know after they buy and use these practically. The price of these mobile phones are still not announced but there is nothing to worry as their price would definitely in the favour of the Samsung fans.

By: Adam Jaylin

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Cretaceous Period


, EdScientists refer to the periods in Earth's history that lasted between 248 million years ago, and 65 million years ago, as the Mesozoic era. It was during this era that dinosaurs were the dominant land animals, the firsts birds evolved (probably from dinosaurs), pterosaurs (flying reptiles were found in the sky), a variety of large marine reptiles inhabited the sea, and the first mammals (tiny mouse-like creatures) and angiosperms (flowering plants) also appeared. The Mesozoic era is subdivided into three periods - the Triassic period (248 million to 213 million years ago), the Jurassic period (213 million to 144 million years ago), and the Cretaceous period (144 to 65 million years ago).

It was during the Cretaceous period that many of the best known types of dinosaurs lived, including Ankylosaurus, Iguanodon, Pachycephalosaurus, Protoceratops, Spinosaurus, Styracosaurus, Triceratops, Tyrannosaurus rex, and Velociraptor.

The biggest mystery of the Cretaceous is what happened at the end of it - suddenly, it seems that all the dinosaurs and other large animals, as well as a wide variety of terrestrial and marine life forms, became extinct. We probably should be grateful for this - as the extinction of the dinosaurs provided the opportunity for mammals to evolve into larger animals, and eventually humans (if the dinosaurs had not gone extinct, we would not be here), but of course we would love to know what was the reason that dinosaurs went extinct.

Many explanations have been proposed for dinosaur extinction, some more plausible than others. When considering, we need to bear in mind that we need to find explanation not only for the extinction of dinosaurs, but also for all the other creatures that became extinct at the same time. Currently, one of the most popular theories is that an asteroid hit the Earth blotting our sunlight for several years, and thus killing most plant life, and therefore depriving animals of food. Evidence for this theory, includes a layer of iridium (which comes from asteroids) found in rocks of the right age, and a crater in southern Mexico which may be the result of this asteroid's impact.


Cretaceous Period, S. Tanna,

Unique Culture in Pontianak


Cannon Barrage Contest Meriam Karbit by Lebaran Day

By Lebaran Day or the end of the Muslim fasting month of Ramadhan, the powerful explosions "traditional cannon barrage contest", express the joy of the end of this period This spectacular event can be witnessed along the Kapuas river banks and bridge.

Qadariyah Palace

A Visitor’s delight with its ironwood construction architecture, many royal artifacts and regalia from the royal family.The great Royal Palace of Pontianak was established by the Sultan Syarif Abdurrahman Alqadrie in 1771.

Interlinked wooden walkways (Beting Permai) at Kampung Dalam Bugis

Situated over the water at the confluence of the Kapuas and Landak rivers, this village with its inter linked wooden walkways and quaint homes is a must-see. From this village one has an excellent view of the Kapuas and Landak bridges.Every Friday afternoon, the ironwood mosque fills with the sound of the faithful at prayer, and during Moslem holidays, the mosque becomes the focus of many community events.

Jami’ Mosque

One of the great mosques left from the time of the Pontianak Sultanate is the Jami’ Mosque. The beautiful square-tiered roof rises majestically along the riverfront, its location for nearly 200 years.

Batu Layang Cemetery

Situated 5 kilometers north of Pontianak is the family cemetery of the Pontianak Sultanate. Here, representatives of the family still act as custodians and are always happy to welcome visitors. The cemetery is continuously visited by local residents who still come to pay homage to the departed royalty.Along with the Jami’ Mosque , Qadariah Palace, and Kampung Beting this village rounds out the perfect day of sight-seeing.

Housing a Vast Collection of Artifacts and Historical Objects with Gigantic Relief Sculptures


Art and Culture Centre, a must for any local or overseas traveler.

The foremost museum in West Kalimantan, Traditional wood carvings, Dayak and Malay traditional kitchen tools, and splendid Chinese ceramics are just a few of the museum’s highlights.Surrounded by contrast of modern architecture with the traditional of west Kalimantan buildings and several replicas on the back yard.
Gigantic relief sculptures cover the museum’s front, with one side depicting scenes from traditional Dayak life, and the other side showing that of Malays. Opens 8:30 am – 4 pm daily.
Just 15 minutes from Supadio Airport, in the heart of Pontianak city, is one of the city’s most popular attractions, the Culture and Art Centre. It is now widely recognized as one of the province’s greatest attractions for overseas visitors.The Training Centre is where visitors young and old learn about and explore their experiences with each other. Collections of aboriginal arts and local paintings, sculptures, crafts, decorative arts, prints, and drawings are there to be enjoyed as well as various kinds of music and traditional dances.This complex provides an opportunity to explore Pontianak’s film, TV, radio and sound recordings from the past to the present day in the sound and moving image exhibition of Dayak, Malay, and other ethnic groups.

Nearby, a replica of a West Kalimantan long house or Rumah Panjang/Rumah Betang.
Tourists are welcome to visit and see an example of the unique environment in which the Dayak people of Kalimantan used to live. On March 21st - 23rd and September 21st - 23rd, the Rumah Panjang is host to ceremonies of the "Bumi Khatulistiwa" Cultural Festival.

Bustling Park for family entertainment


All day and night long, ringed by many building constructed in the distinctive building of their region’s own architecture.

This bustling park (Taman Alun Kapuas) provides family entertainment all day and night along with beautiful Kapuas and Landak river views. Further west, "Dwikora" Seaport can also be seen; the ferry wharf is also visible to the north.The Kartika Hotel sits magically on and over the water and has some of the city’s most fascinating river views. The restaurant "Lancang Kuning" offers many traditional Malay foods. Further along is the Army House with its beautiful yard and two modern automatic cannons. Nearby are the Mayor’s Office, The Bank of Indonesia and other government buildings. Only a short distance away, the Matahari Mall is the newest addition to the city’s diverse and exciting shopping scene.
Nearby is also a duty-free shop along with open air stalls, providing something for young and old in a variety of price ranges. The handicraft centre of West Kalimantan or Griya Kerajinan "Dekranasda Kalbar" is located at Jalan Zainuddin 5 in central Pontianak. This centre is well known for the quality of its beautiful local handicrafts, batiks, wood carvings, bamboo paintings, rattan furniture, leather goods, pottery and much more. More than a store, the centre is a great place for tourists to view all the diverse treasures of Kalimantan in one place.

Solar Eclipse; During the Vernal and Autumnal Equinox (21st - 23rd March and September)


The path of the sun over the monumentis such that exactly at noon no shadow is castby the monument’s spire.
Five kilometres north of the centre of Pontianak, one can find the precise spot at which the Equator bisects the earth. In an instant, visitors can travel between the Northern and Southern hemispheres without moving a muscle.Marking this spot is a monument erected in 1928 by a Dutch astronomical expedition. Ten years later, "Monument Khatulistiwa" was further developed by an Indonesian architect by the name of Sylaban. A unique natural phenomenom can be observed twice a year at the side of the monument. This phenomena is visible for a period of only 5 - 10 minutes. In anticipation of this special time, the Dayak and Malay ethnic groups, among others, exhibit their rich cultural heritage through traditional dance, music and handicraft displays. These twice-yearly festivals should not be missed; once witnessed, they will not soon be forgotten.

Pontianak City Tourism


CAs a holiday destination, the city of Pontianak offers visitors multi-dimensional experiences. A range of important historical and cultural tourist destinations, special interest sites, and sight seeing tours will give a memorable experience to all visitors.

Attracting holiday makers worldwide are hospitable ethnic groups, art and culture, and spectacular phenomena. Twice a year, the spectacular Vernal Equinox (March 21st - 23rd) and the Autumnal Equinox (September 21st - 23rd) make the Equatorial Monument in Pontianak one of the most popular places on earth to witness this wonder of nature.The city prides itself on its art and cultural life, superbly equipped to take advantage of its surrounding. At night, it lights up with nightclubs, cafes, bars, and seafood restaurants. Its facilities include an international airport and seaport and a stunning line up of malls, supermarkets, luxury and mid-range hotels and restaurants.Being directly on Borneo’s longest river, Pontianak is a waterfront city on the confluence of the Kapuas and Landak rivers. City ferries and bridges link the city centre with the riverside suburbs of Siantan and Kampung Beting, where charming interlinked wooden walkways provide a unique way of getting round and seeing the oldest part of the city.Be a part of it!