Writing with Emotion

Excerpt from a lecture Doctor, that writing is one of the media to channel our emotions. In addition to writing, art is also a media distribution emotions so effectively. People who have the spirit of art is also a possibility that people have a soft heart. Well, then how emotions, art, and writing activities into one unit? Of course, the works that will be so incredible, such as novels, short story, poetry, lyric, song lyrics, music composition, and the papers are similar in which a combination of emotion, art, and writing.

So, for anyone who has the difficult emotions are controlled, then try channel emotions through writing. Curahkanlah grief, distress, disappointment, anger, and any emotions that through writing. When tersadar of these emotions, that we have any posts berlembar-many pieces. Then we are aware, the emotions we have recorded so in the form of writing. Or can also serve as the emotions are triggered in writing. That is, can we any posts that are not related to our emotions, but emotions are only made for you in writing. When this is done, this will continue to hand engrave a pen on paper, fingers will continue to dance on the keyboard keys, only the sleepy eyes that will stop it.

The note is accompanied by the emotions usually does not become dry, the language flows like a river that flows to the sea: slow, sometimes swift, rarely or never stop to collect the energy. The note is accompanied by the emotions usually very nice to read. Believe, if there are any posts that are not well read, may not have any posts written with emotion.

He explosives, confuse-blue, formations of the highway, strikes, brilliance, brights, light and bright-in of the highway. Writing with emotion is a beautiful time for the author, the time to give satisfaction for the author in the climb to reach the top of the mind. Sensation of writing like this so terrible, not only for the author, but readers also felt the sensation of the extraordinary in any posts.

Writing with emotion, has you try? [Hanafi Mohan]

Ciputat, Thursday, July 24 2008 At: 20.43-21.54 WIB