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Climate change is one of the most important issues of our time. In industrialized countries, made great efforts to solve the problem of climate change to be found. But the fact is that all are required to solve this problem.

One of the key words in the debate on climate change is the "mobility". This means, among other things, alternatives to road transport, especially when they materialize, where travel by car and can easily be replaced (in towns and cities), by walking or transport that do not cause CO2 emissions .

The bicycle is here as the ideal way to transport. Compared with other countries - Germany, Switzerland and Scandinavian countries in particular - have Austrian cities and towns, however, a high deficit in the proportion of bicycle traffic in total traffic. For comparison: in the Netherlands and Denmark, six (!) The largest number of miles on a bicycle in Austria.

The "Ride Against Global Warming. More bicycle. Less CO2." Special - together with partners in the bicycle industry and with the support of the Ministry of life - the goal, the proportion of total traffic of bicycles in the next five years to double.

This results in addition to the important contribution to climate change as an economic outlook for the Austrian business cycle. For the city and daily life of bicycles and bicycle accessories suitable for the coming years, with the continuing increase in sales figures to be.

And maybe even a cycling boom in us!

What we make of it depends on us. And make our contribution to climate change must be determined. Signs of the times are, in any event not to be missed!

Velosophie free magazine, which now appears quarterly, is the spokesperson for this initiative. It aims to raise awareness of people: Sensible treat our environment, if possible, leave your car, bike or walk.

Velosophie want, but especially one: the fun of the bike and enjoy an active life in a inatkten.

Info: www.rideagainstglobalwarming

Source: http://www.paul-lange.de/news/news/events_veranstaltungen/ride_against_global_warming/de