Solar Eclipse; During the Vernal and Autumnal Equinox (21st - 23rd March and September)

The path of the sun over the monumentis such that exactly at noon no shadow is castby the monument’s spire.
Five kilometres north of the centre of Pontianak, one can find the precise spot at which the Equator bisects the earth. In an instant, visitors can travel between the Northern and Southern hemispheres without moving a muscle.Marking this spot is a monument erected in 1928 by a Dutch astronomical expedition. Ten years later, "Monument Khatulistiwa" was further developed by an Indonesian architect by the name of Sylaban. A unique natural phenomenom can be observed twice a year at the side of the monument. This phenomena is visible for a period of only 5 - 10 minutes. In anticipation of this special time, the Dayak and Malay ethnic groups, among others, exhibit their rich cultural heritage through traditional dance, music and handicraft displays. These twice-yearly festivals should not be missed; once witnessed, they will not soon be forgotten.