The theory behind the Mind Maps

If you look closely the nature and operation of human memory and other important brain functions used, you will notice that the brain is abnormally high capacity and potential. The mind map is a tool that is to bring enjoyment to stimulate and challenge you. Here are some surprising facts about your brain and its role in public, and has already taken the first steps toward freedom of mind indeed.
What is a mental map?

A mind map is a very effective way to information that the brain or retrieve information from there is also a creative and logical tools for taking notes and to recover again. Their ideas are in the true sense of the word on the map (Engl. MAP) reported.

Mind Maps all have some things in common, such as the natural structure, is a center that moves from the outside. The lines, symbols, words, colors and images for use, the concept of truth "under brain do. A map of the mind makes a long list of information, a very colorful table monotonous ordered recall is much better, because it is the same type of structure to which the brain works.

A simple way to imagine a mind map with a map to compare. The center is the main idea or theme, main roads of the city center are the main axes of reflection, and roads "second order" or branches are subordinate to their thoughts and so on. Images or Special graphic elements as can be especially interesting for phases or ideas can be used.

The mind map is an internal exterior mirrors of his thought. It is the understanding of a powerful graphical process easier, the latest such thing as a universal key to the brain and its potential.

Here are the five essential characteristics of a mental map:

* The basic idea of the subject or the center is equipped with a central screen.
* The main ideas of this circular image that they are 'branches' call.
* These classes contain a key image or a keyword that is based on the appropriate line is appropriate.
* The issues of importance as subordinate sub-branches are the main branch will be assigned.
* The branches form a connected 'Knoten structure.


The physical architecture of the brain and the founding of Mind Maps

Thought radio - a clearer, more natural and more effective use of our brains

What is happening in our brains before, when a ripe pear flavor, smell the flowers, listen to music, watch a river, a touch of a loved one or simply revel in the memories? The answer is surprisingly simple and complex. Each piece of information in the brain, every feeling, every memory, or idea can be seen as a central element, with all the words, numbers, codes, food, smells, lines, colors, images, notes and textures are incorporated. Key elements of these crashes hundreds, thousands or even millions of hooks, each with a hook link, each in turn an unlimited number of connections can have. In this enormous capacity to learn and to process the information derived from the concept of thought radial (Radiant Thought), which is manifest in the mind map. The radiant thinking patterns of our brain can be as huge branches to connect to imagine - a super-Biocomputer line of thought, an unlimited number of data nodes "outside.

State of the art research on the left and right cerebral hemisphere

Almost at the same time they began to use Mind Maps, another phenomenon has been investigated scientifically and demonstrated its importance as an 'easy-to-brain thinking. In California, Dr. Roger Sperry was responsible for this research received the Nobel Prize, discovered that the evolution of his young brain of the cerebral cortex is divided into two hemispheres and hemispheres numerous intellectual functions, the so-called crust skills. These include: logic, rhythm, line colors, lists, dreams, numbers, imagination, word, figure (see the picture as a whole). Sperrys own research showed that most of these activities, plus the increased power of the brain, with higher profits in a field, in turn, the performance of other sectors increased. So if you work with the mind mapping, use, and train not only the fundamental forces and the memory for information, which are also using the full range of cortical skills.

Map account has been through the many tools that are in the two halves of the brain to turn even more powerful because it is the clarity, structure and organization of thinking to improve. And because the mental map of the instruments of constructive imagination, association and allocation, as well as the ability of the right / left brain uses, can the mind map as the last "Denkwerkzeug 'See, in its structure , a significant and meaningful way to think together.

The power of images

If the capacity of radiant thinking on the left cortical skills, ie can be applied to words, you can have the same power even in the right cortical skills, ie, imagination and images? 1970 Scientific American magazine published Habers Ralph that research showed that people with a probability of 85 images to correctly recognize 95 percent. There is the famous phrase "A picture is worth a 1000 words. We remember the images and association, as have many of our cortical skills, especially the idea of force. Moving images rather than words can be more accurate and capable of A number of associations of activation, which in turn, creative thinking and improving memory. These results support the argument, Mind Maps are a unique tool. The map not only the images, is an image.

Tony Buzan and Mind Mapping

For centuries, people have used the technique of a circular arrangement of elements on a picture, the British author Tony Buzan psychology has this technique. He argues that "traditional" information presented requires that the reader is left to right and from top to bottom absorbed, while the brain is the best and most natural to the information you just do not ring liinear. Buzan also uses generalized assumptions about the brain cerebral hemispheres for the exclusive use of Mind Mapping - rather than other forms of list - recommend.

Tony Buzan has several brands in the minds and the minds Map Cartography.