Climate change also brings sweat mountain

The fact that global warming is to get the tourist to feel the Swiss Alps, which are also affected, not only in winter.

Higher temperatures, according to experts could be more natural disasters, but also bring in more tourists. Swiss tourist like to react to these challenges?

For the winter is the case clearly: Deep-lying tourist destinations should be something new, only if the snow continues to fall at higher altitudes.

The effect of global warming, but also in the summer in the Alpine region. The consequences are not as dramatically as in the winter. "Climate change Swiss mountain offers many opportunities," says Thomas Bieger, tourism expert at the University of St. Gallen, compared swissinfo. Rising temperatures, many visitors in the most attractive cold in the mountains he believes.

Also the dry weather could play, because scientists believe that the summer temperatures in Switzerland in 2050 an increase of three degrees, while the rain drops to the fifth.

Consequences of global warming are also the floods and landslides, which in mountain areas are increasingly expected. These events are for the attention of the changes in the landscape. In a recently published study suggests researchers from the University of Bern, that places of tourism to these threats must prepare.

Crisis management and risk analysis in the future play a key role in regard to the safety of guests and keeping the infrastructure going.
Glacier ice in the summer

One of the main attractions, namely, the glaciers melt literally in the hands of the then director of Switzerland Tourism. The bottom line, the number of summer visitors waiting to holes in the winter things, like the federal government of experts in a survey last March said.

"To maintain their attractiveness, requires its tourist offers to new conditions," the report says. Approved the terms of climate and landscape as in the planning and development of the sites involved.
When the land no longer holds

"The biggest challenge is natural disasters, where the accumulation of a sudden," said Hansjörg Trachsel, director of the canton of Grisons economy. Because if the thawing of soil, previously frozen, steps must be taken.

"We are very well prepared and know exactly where is the danger of the herd," said Trachsel. If these areas are not yet built, and then only with a structural improvement. "This is an appeal, but we must closely monitor the threats."

Trachsel is convinced that the warmer weather for Graubünden positive impact. The traditional destinations of St. Moritz or Davos, showed an increase in the Italian guests, before the heat and smog in Milan to the Engadine "flee."
Nothing rush

Similarly, in the canton of Valais. For tourism director Jean-Michel Cina crowd, but not immediate action. "We must be aware of climate change. The biggest problem is not the summer, but the winter because we do not have enough water for the snow guns have."

Also, the St. Galler tourism expert Thomas Bieger cautioned übereiligen conclusions. Because the exact effects of global warming now know that yet.

"Climate change could occur suddenly, even in the form of a slowdown in central Europe," said Bieger. Therefore, it would be prudent to prepare for a scenario without development in 30 or 40 years to find out.

swissinfo, Isobel Leybold-Johnson
(Transfer of English: Renat Künzi)