Unique Culture in Pontianak

Cannon Barrage Contest Meriam Karbit by Lebaran Day

By Lebaran Day or the end of the Muslim fasting month of Ramadhan, the powerful explosions "traditional cannon barrage contest", express the joy of the end of this period This spectacular event can be witnessed along the Kapuas river banks and bridge.

Qadariyah Palace

A Visitor’s delight with its ironwood construction architecture, many royal artifacts and regalia from the royal family.The great Royal Palace of Pontianak was established by the Sultan Syarif Abdurrahman Alqadrie in 1771.

Interlinked wooden walkways (Beting Permai) at Kampung Dalam Bugis

Situated over the water at the confluence of the Kapuas and Landak rivers, this village with its inter linked wooden walkways and quaint homes is a must-see. From this village one has an excellent view of the Kapuas and Landak bridges.Every Friday afternoon, the ironwood mosque fills with the sound of the faithful at prayer, and during Moslem holidays, the mosque becomes the focus of many community events.

Jami’ Mosque

One of the great mosques left from the time of the Pontianak Sultanate is the Jami’ Mosque. The beautiful square-tiered roof rises majestically along the riverfront, its location for nearly 200 years.

Batu Layang Cemetery

Situated 5 kilometers north of Pontianak is the family cemetery of the Pontianak Sultanate. Here, representatives of the family still act as custodians and are always happy to welcome visitors. The cemetery is continuously visited by local residents who still come to pay homage to the departed royalty.Along with the Jami’ Mosque , Qadariah Palace, and Kampung Beting this village rounds out the perfect day of sight-seeing.