Reading from the Rear

This is the most personal experience of myself, that is read from the back page (the end), contrary to the habits we in for, that is read from the front page (page). Weird maybe, but you try to read like this fellow, you will certainly get the sensation other than usual. Oh yes, for while this may only be suitable to read the novel, for reading the other I have never try.

Imagine, when reading the novel, then you know the first endingnya, then go for the pieces you will know the story first. This is sensasinya Menurutku. The author of novels may be preparing the novel is the story with logikanya that was very special for each author. But as readers we do not have to follow the logic the author's novel. When the novel is alreadJustify Fully in the hands of our readers, we are free sebebas-free for the mengapresiasi novel.

This is the turn back, to be the beginning of the end, be the end of the beginning. Or, still the early beginning, the end still end, but we read the first, while we will initially see the end. If the author of the novel has its own logikanya braided story in writing, so harmless, we also have a distinctive logic, and the distinctive way of reading the paper the author's novel.

The more we do not want to follow the logic of the novel's author. The more we do not want to fall by way of approach the author of the novel is the story that he created. Readers have logikanya own, have their own independence, has a distinctive way, ....

This is the revolution of the readers, this is the resistance of the readers, ...

"Edan," said friends.

Kujawab ago, "No one is more ridiculous than the author of the story, friends. Try you think, is there any more ridiculous than the people who mengkonstruksi story to a long-beratus many hundred pages. Then a more ridiculous is we, as would have followed the logic of the author only to find out what ending story, as told what braided. Because of that, so we do not fall with the logic of the author is, how well we read more endingnya first. If endingnya good, then we read his work lanjutkanlah it. But if endingnya ugly, then no one we decided not to read the novel. Done, right? "

With the face of such folded-fold, pluck friends, "Truly, wacky, eccentric alias bin sableng you that," and friends itupun pass from hadapanku. While I chortle see the faces of friends such as paper out diremas-remas it, such as clothing or may never disetrika, if Malay Pontianak called "ronyok," if the Jakarta might call "creased". You know that I mean this, friends? [Hanafi Mohan]

Ciputat, Sunday - 29 June 2008 17:07 - 17:32 WIB