Mind Mapping Software Tips

Mapping the mind to be able to software, it is important first to analyze exactly what is needed:

If you simply want to create Mind Maps is a freeware program like FreeMind, a good and sufficient. Some free online tools also allow the storage of maps on the Internet, to share with others and to work together with them. However, savings of Mind Maps containing confidential or sensitive security issues.
Commercial Software
If you have mapping software, however, wants to increase productivity, which is very important, what to do with Mind Maps can be generated to start over. Are there different points of view, for example, Flowchart, from left to right, Fishbone, timing, structure, Gantt, etc.? How well it works with Microsoft Office? Many users of mind mapping software Mind Maps, in order to plan projects - from simple lists to complex Gantt charts. Mind mapping software as a professional MindView Business Day 2 (before openmind 2) allows you to add information to the map of tasks - and have joined in the Gantt chart view.
Here is a checklist to select the mapping software of the mind:

* Easy to operate
* Many supplied templates
* Number of different views (Mind Map, Organizational structure from left to right, time line, Gantt chart, etc.)
* Working with MS Office (import / export from / to Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, Project)
* Format of additional export, for example, HTML, XML and image
* Information management and the task of project management rules

Good luck!

Source: http://www.mindmapping.com/German/Mind_Map_Software_Tips.htm