Inspiration is like Birds

For me, Jakarta is a city boasting unparalleled spur creativity in the writing. Two days in Pontianak, a fact not produce any posts is probably reasonable to beloved posted in this blog. But another case in Jakarta. In the city of Metropilitan this, sometimes there is only inspiration that appears. He berlompat-jump on the head, sometimes no matter the time: when I are eating, like sleep, wake up sleeping, running, when the fun bath, and also (sorry) while nongkrong in the toilet (of course you already know what activities the kumaksudkan).

Inspiration. It would not have better things to bind this inspiration than immediately writes. Because if not, the inspiration that will be valuable evaporate and fly casually. Like a bird that we can be new, the inspiration like a wild animal is winged. Birds want to always free, as well as inspiration. But entahlah, whether the actual relationship between inspiration and birds, akupun not know. Suddenly this analogy only perch in the head.

Recognized or not, may at any time we have always inspired. But sometimes we are too lazy to mengikatnya, so it was wild to fly everywhere. Can be the inspiration of the new aircraft from the head and then we descend on the head of others. If other people are more creative and more patient than us, may be inspired to become something that will be valuable.

Will not painstaking and patient, care and do not care, memoriku suddenly descend on the course a few years ago. Only because of passivity and ketidakseriusan region of a country to manage the rather broad, so when there is a certain region close to neighboring countries and become the country's neighbors.

Why can so? Because the neighboring countries are more concerned with the region, while the country that he said have a wide region that do not care, do not consider that a wide area. The geographical area of the country is only concerned to build a center of power, while the areas outside the center of power left stranded, left to remain poor, not to be built. Later then known, was taken by the neighboring countries that have a lot of natural wealth, but also beautiful and captivating natural. How like more, rice has become porridge, rue mindless.

Until nearly the end of this paper, is still a lot of inspiration that will descend on the head. But keep in mind, not too greedily the inspiration with the new perch. As the new birds that we may only catch we can hold a. Can do two tails, but making enough to touch. Not how many we get the inspiration that we all want to catch it and we are not edge-edge into anything, but how our creative process so that inspiration into something valuable. [Hanafi Mohan; Ciputat, 4 Dec 2008]