Why Dental Implants Are Important


By: Tom Heap

It is not just for aesthetic value. Unlike false teeth, the benefit that dental implants bring goes beyond the covering up of gaps in your teeth. Dental implants bring you more than what false teeth can do and, in turn, answer all the dental problems that teeth loss caused you. Moreover, dental implants will and can bring back whatever you lost when you lost your teeth (yes, not just the teeth) and it will even give you more.

To give you a wider perspective as to how and dental implants can benefit its users and how it is at par with other teeth loss solution, here are the things that dental implants is very capable of doing.

Better digestion and enjoy pleasurable eating

Once you get your own set of dental implants, you will be able to chew your food well again. Also, you can eat the those difficult to chew foods again. Imagine you can enjoy pleasurable eating and you won't have to worry about whether or not you will be able to chew the food properly. With dental implants, you regain the whole functions of your teeth and your dental implants will and can grind food as well as your original teeth. Also, how you taste the food will also go back to normal. If you notice, false teeth have sticky adhesive that also has a taste of its own that makes people gag. Dental implants do not come with these sticky adhesive so you will be assured that you won't be tasting adhesive when you are eating.

Be healthier

Since you will already be able to chew the food that you eat, then your risk of getting stomach troubles will go down. Stomach troubles are not really much of a problem with younger people. Maybe just some difficult bowel movements. However, as you grow older, the body becomes much weaker, thus sensitive. There is in fact a study that shows people who have a lot of their teeth lost would most likely die younger to those who did not because of digestion issues. With dental implants, you will be able to avoid this risk because you will be assured that chewing won't be much of a hassle for you anymore.

Look and feel younger

It is already common knowledge that over the years, the contours of your face change once you experience teeth loss, especially when you already have most or all of your teeth lost. This is due to the lost foundation that went away when you little by little lost your teeth. This lost foundation can't be filled up by the false teeth because, as what is obvious, what it does is just cover the physical effects. Over the years, the face would sag and the person would look old. Since the person knows that he looks old, then he would also feel old. However, with dental implants, you will regain the foundation that you lost thus preventing the face from sagging. This will prevent your face from looking old and yourself from feeling old.

Boost up self confidence

Lastly, what teeth loss took away was the person's confidence. Living in a society that puts aesthetics on top, a person with teeth loss would try very hard not to be known as somebody who do not have teeth anymore. Thus, those wearing with dentures wold develop a habit of becoming extra careful not to be confronted by situations where their dentures accidentally slipped or flew off. Dental implants, on the other hand, gives you worry-free use. Meaning, since it is inserted into your bones, the probability of having them fly off or misplaced is zero! So, you can go back to being yourself, not worrying about any dentures flying and just regain all the confidence you once had.

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The Significance Of Pollution Management And Appropriate Disposal Of Nitric Acid Results


Nitric acid is produced in the US in large volumes and along with this is the need for effective pollution control measures as well as proper disposal practices of the by-products of nitric acid manufacture.

Oxides of nitrogen are the waste products of nitric acid production. These oxides escape into the atmosphere and go through complex reactions with water vapor to form sulfuric acid and the re-formation of nitric acid. Nitric acid plants produce nitrous oxide (NOx) is a greenhouse which is 310 times more harmful than carbon dioxide.

There are two kinds of nitrogen oxides: nitric oxide (NO) and nitrogen dioxide (NO2). Nitric acid is a flammable and colorless gas with a slight odor. Nitrogen dioxide is a nonflammable and reddish brown gas also with a distinct smell. Nitrogen dioxide has strong oxidizing properties that when it reacts with air, it produces the highly corrosive nitric acid along with hazardous organic nitrates.

In a recent court case filed by the Environment Integrity Project (EIP) and Sierra Club against the Environment Protection Agency, it stated that the Agency had failed to evaluate and bring up to date its emissions standards for nitric acid manufacturing plants.

According to the EIP and the Sierra Club, nitric acid plants are one of the top contributors of nitrous oxide into the atmosphere, contributing to the greenhouse phenomenon tremendously. By using necessary cost effective technology for managing nitrous oxide emissions and reducing it by even a small percentage can be very important, more so because of the fact that nitrous oxide is such a potent greenhouse gas.

Aside from the greenhouse effect, it is also a main constituent in acid rain formation. Acid deposition can happen as a result of two processes: hydrochloric acid released directly into the atmosphere and as a product of secondary pollutants that form from the oxidation of nitrogen oxides and sulfur dioxide which are given off into the atmosphere. These gases undergo reactions in the earth’s atmosphere which convert them into nitric acid and sulfuric acid.

This phenomenon can lead to the deposition of nitric acid in the world’s ocean basins or it could be through dry deposition which is then converted to acids once they are made to react with water. Acid rain also ruins structures, eroding buildings making them weak and more susceptible to damage. Acid rain had also been known to kill trees reacting with minerals in the soil and depriving them of these essential nutrients required for growth.

It is therefore of utmost importance that nitrous oxide emissions are addressed not only by government agencies but more particularly by nitric acid manufacturing plants since they are the source of this pollutants and are in a better position to deal with nitrous oxide straight from the source.

There are available abatement systems which can be integrated into the existing system of the plant. Types of abatement systems are adsorption, absorption and reduction (selective and nonselective) methods.

Proper disposal and on-site control measures of emission are the sole responsibilities of the nitric acid manufacturing plant. Emissions can be greatly reduced if manufacturing practices and systems are built around the concept of reducing nitrous oxide released into the atmosphere.

The world’s temperature has risen in unprecedented levels never seen before. Weather and climate conditions have become more unpredictable. The greenhouse effect has a huge impact on these changes and we have no else to blame but ourselves.

We have brought this into ourselves but it is never too late. We have to take responsibility for our actions and do what we can while we can. Nitric acid manufacturing plant owners and managers are in the position to do this by adapting and implementing environment-friendly manufacturing practices and systems.

By: joalesto

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