A People and its Nuclear

The power company Atel has started the week under license for a new nuclear plant in all of Switzerland to secure explosives. For the villagers, there is little resistance. A visit to the town Niedergösgen.

Niedergösgen not miss a pass for roads, houses with red shutters and green, a bakery, a few restaurants and automobile workshops.

The latest symbol of the town is Solothurner Castle Church. But the construction neubarocke with domes and tower stattlichem, trutzig on a rock above the village, has 30 years of the competition will receive the cooling tower of the nuclear power plants in the neighboring town Däniken. The proud Schlosskirche is in the shadow of the concrete tower monstrous.

The church needs are visually AKW Gösgen to compete, but the church had more power to forgive. This compares with the 100 anniversary of the church in the community was not well received, says the Roman Catholic priest Niedergösgen, Jürg Schmid.
Children with leukemia

Is it after the river Aare-Tessin Ltd. for Electricity (Atel), the existing nuclear Däniken Gösgen work, it would Niedergösgen all three municipalities, and a second Gretzenbach Däniken AKW arise. "I think a very bold second floor," says the shepherd of souls-4000 community. He saw the need for a new plant, however, wondered whether the requirement in the densely populated Mittelland be built.

Does the recent German study, according to children under five years in the vicinity of nuclear power plants often fall ill with leukemia. The relationship, though not scientifically proven, but he has to think if you're in the neighborhood children with leukemia meet.

Cars that people have nothing to say or no resistance Niedergösgen? "People have become accustomed to the NPP," said Schmid.
Large employers

"You have here in the last 30 years, great confidence in the development of nuclear plant operators," said Kurt Henzmann the mayor, like most of the council, the draft of a new nuclear power advocates. The plant will be monitored regularly by federal and cantonal authorities. And you know people who work there.

The AKW Gösgen employs approximately 400 employees. According Henzmann home to 80% of them in the vicinity. Benefit the people of maintenance work.

"Of course, there is some potential danger in each AKW. But I worry that if the other side of the border would be," said the mayor.
The money could be better

Only with the financial situation is not completely satisfied. Niedergösgen have the shadow of the cooling tower, the vapor plume and the negative image, the money would be the city, but not much, so Henzmann. While the location community Däniken two thirds of the approximately 3 million AKW-tax revenue a year, are available for the other ten cities around the third.

Stossend also found that each year about 35 million after taxes Olten Atel flow where it has its headquarters. New nuclear plants would have been more than Niedergösgen rausschauen.

He does not believe that nuclear power plants in the near future will be suspended and that the model suddenly two nuclear-sit the ruins, which nobody wants to operate.

Henzmann mass demonstrations against the construction of the nuclear Gösgen before 1979 as a small child at first hand. Wait, that does not return, but you should probably wait, he said.
Art in the cooling tower

As usual in the town Schmiedstube restaurant gejasst. The cards are sponsored by AKW Gösgen. The second nuclear power plant is only a positive response to the four men who all work for the PNP. "On the other hand, take power?" Only the appearance seems to bother: "Two fireplaces in the front of the nose that sucks to have a little to me," said one of the men. The new high will be less, accuses his colleagues.

In a field a few hundred meters AKW collects a woman with her two children strawberries. Birdsong mixes with the buzzing of the power line.

Schön not looking, said the proposed new nuclear power plant. "You could be so artistically designed cooling towers," he proposes. Rather than worry about a second nuclear power station no. "If something happens, the whole of Switzerland is gone. Then, in nearby, then you are at least equal to the dead," he says.
"The criticism as blasphemy"

The young farmer, whose farm in the shadow of the massive gray wall of the cooling tower, is against a second nuclear power plant before its door nothing wrong. "Bring back the jobs in the region," Meier said Bruno, with the AKW Gösgen grew.

The NC is a manufacturing company like any other, he said, adding: "It would be nice if something Niedergösgen Gösgen II Gösgen receive more money than I." Meier does not refer to the quality of their products, and safety "can be something like that."

She was totally surprised, said a social educator Olten. There was no reaction from the indigenous population. "Criticism of the nuclear power plant by the locals as the perceived blasphemy." The existing nuclear plants provide people not only jobs but also try to find events such as car fails in the nuclear field to work to tie it says.

Baker's wife speaks clear in any case. "Now over 30 years live with a nuclear power plant, I do not need a second. Reichts me," he said. People defend itself if the project takes. At the moment it is too soon.

swissinfo, Corinne Buchser

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