"With common sense to reduce energy consumption"

Swiss citizens enjoy an increasing standard of living. But this goes hand in hand with more and more energy. A dilemma?

There is a way out without a waiver, according to the Swiss energy expert Michael Kaufmann. His magic word through energy efficiency.

The goal is ambitious: The Swiss standard of living with less energy than previously held.

Fighters on the front line, Michael Kaufmann, Vice Director of the Federal Office of Energy and Head of the Swiss Energy, the energy efficiency and renewable energy.

"Energy efficiency means that with so little expenditure of energy, so little energy expenditure as much work herausholt and performance," said swissinfo.

Specifically, this means: "We have the technologies available today, with the same performance on a machine, a vehicle or an electrical device that has only half the amount of energy the same performance."
Each year more

More efficient use of energy produced is the face of global warming urgent. Because it uses more energy each year in Switzerland.

In 2005, over 890'000 terajoules (TJ). A concept that is somewhat abstract, since it brings together various sources of energy, whose share of clean energy with the same unit of measurement is given.

TJ is 280,000 kilowatt hours (KWh) in Switzerland in 2005 to 250 million kWh of energy consumed. Per person, the nearly 42,000 kWh. Compared with the previous year, an increase of 1.3%.
Buildings, vehicles, equipment

The biggest savings is in the house of a trader. With MINERGIE or passive houses could be 50 to 80% of the houses conventional energy can be saved.

But even in areas of vehicles and electrical appliances can be every bit of energy to waste, he said. Even if, for example, some devices with an A, A + or A + + on the energy label is a little more expensive.

"If the long term, over the life of an estimated these extra costs no more than offset by the reduction of energy consumption, energy saving," said the expert.

In the field of electricity can only use the best technology available approximately one third less energy consumed. This has led to the Swiss Agency for Energy Efficiency (SAFE), based on 2005 figures calculated.

Avoid standby

However, to save energy, but not always the most efficient equipment to be purchased. Often, even to meet the press of a button, for example, how many of the devices break.

Many devices in Switzerland are constantly on guard and ready to consume about 2 / 3 of the energy needed in their entirety. Let the energy to start a Swiss lever.

"No one voluntarily from one device," said Kaufmann. "The electricity is not so expensive." That's why you need tools, technical solutions to pending under control. Or bars with a whole array of devices with the touch of a button on the network can be.
Also called economy

However, Switzerland is far from being a nation of saving them. There is also a board of economic behavior, as outlined Kaufmann.

He sees great opportunities for improvement in production. "With efficient motors, controllers, air, we have a huge potential savings."

A CO2 emissions in the economy (around 10 million tons) to reduce the running next to the Parliament decided on CO2 tax currently several programs.

"We see today that the economy is also moving in that direction and a clear reduction in energy consumption works."
No Surrender

Savings, yes, but by giving up a trader wants to hear anything. It was possible, in Switzerland today to maintain living standards, he said. For him, a question of attitude: "I do not want to surrender to preach, but intelligent, rational behavior."

Compared with other countries, Switzerland is quite good there, "said the expert. But exactly when purchasing high quality of life and that puts the itch. "Much of the energy in Switzerland is again disappointed - more for the consumer."

swissinfo, Christian and Raaflaub Gaby Ochsenbein