Free Virus Repair Software Could Save Lives

Sometimes computer-viruses are really mean. They could knock out your harddrive, erase all your files, steal your creditcard information, and sometimes do things you wouldn't even imagine they could.

But luckily most viruses are not of this kind. They are simply created to bug you a little, and make your computer do unexpected things. My friend was not lucky enough to be infected with the kind ones.

After he was home again from visiting a friend of his, he went to take a shower and a nap on the coach. After the shower he went to check his email, and I am sure he was glad he did.

When entering his office in the basement, he noticed a strange smell of something burning. Something reminding hime of plastic, but not exactly that either. He quickly began to check everywhere, but he couldn't find any source of fire. So he logged onto his computer to check his email as was about to in the first place.

The smell was still there, but he didn't care about that anymore, atleast when he couldn't say where the smell came from anyway. He turned on his monster PC, and it worked as it always used to. It was only that it seemed a bit slower than it used to be. I know that my friend has a really powerful computer with lots of power. So lack of resources is almost a unknown word for him.

But the fact that it was so slow bothered, so he started checking out the status on all system resources. Suddenly he was blown away by something he had never seen before. The core temperature on the processors were quadrupled. Enough to make them burst into flames any second.

He quickly turned off his computer, and called me on my cellphone. I adviced him to let the computer cool off for a couple of hours, and then try to turn it on again, to see if the same thing happened again.

It certainly did. The core temperature started to climb pretty quickly, and he didn't dare to keep it on, so he turned it off again. I asked him if he had checked his computer for viruses, spyware and other bugs lately, and he admitted that last time he did a full virus repair was atleast three to four weeks ago. In other words too long, if you ask me.

I asked him to boot his computer up again, and update his virus repair tool as the very first thing to do. Then I got him to do a full virus scan and repair. His software found several viruses on his system, along with some other type of malware and spyware. After the repair he rebooted again the temperature was down to where it used to be.

What could have happened if he had decided to stay at his friends place a couple of hours more? Or even if he had gone directly from the shower to bed? I guess you see my point here. I always encourage people to run a regular virus scan. Preferably on a daily basis, and please remember to update the signatures before you start the scan. If you don't you will miss out on the protection from the latest viruses they have discovered.

A free virus repair could very well prevent a disaster like a housefire. It would also prevent your identity beeing stolen,
your files from beeing deleted and much more. Free virus repair software that really works could be worth its weight in gold, so why not take the advantage of grabbing yourself some real quality protection tools for free? Having no protection is very risky, and it is actually something that I even wouldn't recommend my worst enemy.

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