The Codes of Web Development

By: Beau Stafford

Web development is a term used to describe building a webpage for the World Wide Web or possibly an intranet network. However it the term is generally used to focus on the coding or mark-up aspect of the website creation, not necessarily the design aspect.

Large companies can have hundreds of workers developing things for the web. This is contrary to a small business which may have one single person designated as the ‘webmaster’ that oversees the coding and design of the website and objects therein.

There are many aspects of web development that are necessary to development a website. There’s more than just one coding language and usually a person will be required to know most of the languages in order to be an applicant for a job.

What are some programming languages I’d need to know? If you were serious about web development the first language to learn is called HTML (hyper text markup language). It’s the basis for most websites on the internet today. The rules of the code are regulated by a particular website on the net and most employers would like their employees to stick to those rules.

The code itself is pretty basic. Imagine you wanted to type a paragraph that’d be shown on the internet. Typing the paragraph isn’t enough to meet the rule requirements of the internet instead you have to put the paragraph in between a set of tags. The tag for a paragraph is the letter P surrounded by a less than symbol and a greater than symbol (). To close the tag you’d type (

) In between those two tags a person would type the paragraph they want and it’d be ready for the internet.

The coding can get pretty intricate but never severely advanced. Design aspects of HTML aren’t readily acceptable and have been replaced by another type of code web developers will need to know, CSS (cascading style sheets).

The coding for a style sheet enables a person to define how a web page might look. From where objects are, to what color they will be, to even their size, the style sheets define the style of the page.

Those are the two basic types of code a person will need to know to begin in web development. From there, the coding gets more advanced.

Advanced Code The first advanced type of a code a person will need to know is something called Javascript. Javascript is a type of client-side scripting (when a page is loaded, the browser that loaded it deciphers the script and displays the page). It can be complex but allows for dynamic and static content.

It’s older and newer coding technologies may be outsourcing it, but having a knowledge background in it is almost necessary before embarking on new scripts.

Getting into the field of web development will take a highly advanced knowledge of coding and scripting. Web developers today need to know the ins and outs of codes but, even though it’s not necessarily defined in web development, they’ll need to know how to design as well.

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