Blogging For Profit Tips For The Beginner Blogger

Blogs are everywhere and just about everyone has one. Whether you have already jumped on the blogging bandwagon or not it is time to consider blogging because it is a great way to earn money by blogging for profit. Turning a blog into a money making machine is known as monetizing a blog. There are many ways to start blogging for profit but they all start with one simple step: Starting a blog.

How To Start A Blog?

Starting up a blog is easy. There are many free blogging platforms that you can get started on in just a few minutes with no cost to you. Those have pros and cons when it comes to blogging for profit but when you are first starting out, doing it with no upfront costs is very enticing and outweighs all the other possible cons.

One of the easiest free blogging platforms available that allows almost all forms of blogging for profit monetizing is You can set up a blog in a few minutes with very little information and no cash. There is even a built in monetizing aspect with 'blogger' which is the option to automatically ad Adsense to your blog with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Show Me The Money!

When it comes to blogging for profit the bottom line is truly the 'bottom line'—money. There are plenty of ways to monetize your blog and there is no harm in trying any you come across but if you've used them for a while and they're not bringing in the dough pitch it. Do not load your blog down with applications, codes, or other requirements for things that do not pay off.

While Adsense is easy to start on any blog it is often not very lucrative for those bloggers with less than stellar traffic. More prolific methods of monetizing are:

1) Paid Blogging:

There are a wide variety of companies out on the Internet that pay you to create posts with embedded links and keywords. The rules are slightly different for each company but the bottom line is they are paying you to write posts which, if you are already an active blogger, you do anyway so why not do it for money? The best of these companies allows what is called freeform posting where all you have to do is work in a linked keyword when you write about any topic at all. This allows you to keep your blog focused.

2) Banner Ads:

After you have been blogging for a period of time you are likely to have built up a reasonable amount of regular traffic. When you have enough regular visitors there are companies that will gladly pay you to put a banner on the side, top, or bottom of your blog advertising their company. You can be as selective as you wish when agreeing to this more obvious form of advertising and it is best if you make sure the products being sold are targeted to your main audience so that they will appreciate seeing the advertisement and it looks like it makes sense being on your blog.

Traffic is King

Any topic concerning blogging for profit has to mention the importance of traffic and how to achieve good traffic. The main reason an advertiser will want to pay you to make posts, put their banners on your site, or add side links is that your blog as the appropriate traffic ensuring their ads, links, or other advertising will be seen. There are several steps you can take to make sure your blog gets seen:

1) Write good posts:

That one seems to be self-explanatory but many people who start blogging for profit throw good posts out the window in favour of writing money earning posts. Your visitors will tire quickly of seeing posts only geared toward making money.

2) Join link lists:

There are several good and respectable link lists that have a system for generating traffic.

3) Interact with your visitors:

People who come to your blogs like to know they are noticed. When visitors comment on your posts it is important to comment back.

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