CCTV and Video Monitoring - How It Works

By: James Roy

CCTV stands for Closed Circuit TV. CCTV uses one or more video cameras to transmit video images and sometimes audio images to a monitor, set of monitors or video recorder. The difference between CCTV and standard TV is that standard TV openly broadcasts signals to the public. CCTV is not openly transmitted to the public. CCTV uses either wireless transmission or a wired transmission to send the broadcast from the video cameras to the monitor(s) or recording device. Most CCTV systems are used for surveillance which can include security monitoring, spying or for safety monitoring purposes.

A video monitoring system is more commonly known as Closed Circuit Television Systems (CCTV). A CCTV system is an on premises system consisting of a television camera, video monitor, and a transmission medium (Cable, fiber or wireless) connecting the two. It is used to monitor the premises. Probably the most widely known use of CCTV is in security systems and such applications as retail shops, banks, government establishments, etc.

Main features:

# Video clip (desirable time duration) and/or single snapshot images
# JPEG and MPEG-4 compression Images can be saved on a local microSD card
# Lens can be selected according to user requirements and needs
# Built-in microphone for audio surveillance
# Built-in Web server for monitoring via standard browser
# Built-in VPN client (optionally)
# Quad Band 850/900/1800/1900 MHz GPRS/EDGE network

Video monitoring system for transmission of high resolution video and single images via GPRS/EDGE network. So even in places with no Internet connection available - ideal for remote surveillance and monitoring of temporary or distant sites or mobile assets. The images can be acquired automatically with programmable period and/or upon external triggers such as motion sensors or door contacts.

The video and single images can be viewed on a PC or a handheld device, and can also be transmitted to FTP-server and/or by e-mail. The video and single images can be recorded on a local miniSD card and later downloaded or reviewed via built-in Web server.

CCTV Remote Monitoring and video recording services are particularly relevant for sites with little out-of-hours activity, where the value of maintaining a manned presence is limited.

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