Hard disk drive failure Error Message

By: King Madhav

Hard disk drive is the main storage media, both in Desktop and Server computers, where all the programs and data are stored, thus can be referred as the Data Centre of the computer system. The feature set that a hard drive offers in terms of speed, size, immobility and data reliability make it dominant over other storage media. These constitute to illustrate why hard drive failure is considered critical and special Hard Drive Recovery mechanisms are invented and implemented to extract lost data.

In this case, when you start your system you will get the error message:

"Hard disk drive failure"

This error message is the indication that the hard drive is physically damaged and Hard Disk Recovery is required. The error is specific in Windows XP (Home and Professional edition) and Windows 2000 (Professional edition). Using Fdisk.exe so as to view partition information, when the system has been started from Windows 98 Startup disk, generates another error message:

"No fixed disk present"

Other than hard drive failure, user can also look if:

• Hard disk is installed correctly
• Hard disk is properly configured in the system BIOS (Basic Input/Output System)

* BIOS is a program run by the computer system as soon as it is turned on which contains all the instructions to control hard disk drives, serial communication, keyboard, video display card and other such hardware. So, this is required that hard drive should be configured correctly, else BIOS would identify it as failed.

So this is required to check for correct installation and BIOS configuration of hard disk, to avoid any Hard Drive Recovery. We can simply replace the hard drive after data backup, if it is under warranty period. However, if stored data is important Hard Disk Recovery service can offer help extracting lost information.

Hard Drive Recovery is the manual help, offered by data recovery industry experts. It consists of failed hard drive repairs, parts alignment, hard drive internal settings and more. An intermediate Hard Disk Recovery procedure - hard disk image is formed and data is extracted. Special care is taken for maintaining data integrity by incorporating Clean Rooms so that no dust particle and other such factors may harm disk internals. Such high standards of Clean Rooms provide better data protection.

Stellar Information Systems Limited offers the industry’s best Hard Drive Recovery service through Class 100 Clean Rooms and Hard Disk Recovery experts.

K Madhav is a student of Mass Communication doing research on File Recovery Software. He is also a freelancer for Stellar Information System Ltd.

Article Source: http://www.ArticleBiz.com


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