"People ready_Business" campaign represents the contribution of IT to solve economic problems at the center

Microsoft today announced its new "People ready_Business campaign in Germany. It is the world to intensify the dialogue with companies. The aim is also greater awareness of the many Microsoft solutions to create, for businesses, particularly in difficult economic times , great value.

The slogan of the campaign, "Why is everyone" ( "It Jedermanns_Business"), to demonstrate that the staff focal point for business success.

The recipe for success is, according to Microsoft: solutions in the hands of the right people. Consequently, there are also people in the campaign in the center: testimonials as Katie Bayne, chief marketing officer of Coca-Cola, explaining how their IT solutions in the profitable use. In the example of his work shows how innovative technologies tangible economic problems.

"The new marketing campaign is an important signal at a time when most companies to stop investing in IT. Only you can make a significant contribution to the solution of economic problems, and every employee of a company directly position to generate value, "says Ralph Haupt, Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Microsoft Germany.

The new campaign aims to draw attention to the wide range of innovative Microsoft solutions guide, which helps companies reduce costs, increase productivity and innovation. As a key technology to increase efficiency, for example, cites Microsoft unified communications, business intelligence and collaboration tools.

The visual language and design, for example, television advertisements, are extraordinary: Under the direction of Michelle Dougherty occurred Forces imaginary creative cartoons, where all the testimony as if paper-based trick characters appear while listening to his statement.

As a creative agency is JWT (J. Walter Thompson) for the campaign. The location of McCann Erickson took over Germany in Munich. Universal McCann is a media agency. The campaign is in the U.S., Canada, Japan, France, Britain and Germany. The budget is only in Germany at a figure that millions of people.

For more information, including advertisements and the reasons for the new "People ready_Business" campaign, visit www.microsoft.de / people willing

Source: http://www.german-news.de/news/modules/news/article.php?storyid=3156