Ifta Fuel Tax Software – An Efficient Technology

In-order to promote the most efficient possible use of the highway system, an agreement between United States of America and Canada came into enforcement. This agreement is termed as International Fuel Tax Agreement, which is known by the acronym IFTA. Although, the main aim of this agreement was to bring efficiency in the highway system, falling within the jurisdiction of the various states of these two nations; but actually it has enhanced the intricacies of the trucking companies. After the enforcement of the laws of this agreement, the trucking companies have to make operational records available for audit in the base jurisdiction and also have to file the annual tax reports. But these irksome tasks were exceedingly simplified by the induction of Fuel Tax Software in the system of transportation business.

The actual purpose of International Fuel Tax Agreement was to make a uniform administration of the fuel taxation laws, with respect to motor vehicles operated in multiple member jurisdictions. As per the rules of the agreement every licensee shall maintain records to substantiate information reported on the tax returns. Also a licensee has to maintain operational records and would have to make these records available for audit in the base jurisdiction. Until, the advent of Fuel Tax Software, the maintenance of these operational records was a very ponderous task. But the new IFTA Fuel Tax Software in combination with Trucking Software has made this task extremely easy. By using, these two software now all the records can be maintained in a well organized manner. The Fuel Tax software has brought a high degree of convenience in the transportation system.

As per IFTA rules, every licensee shall file for timely tax returns and shall have to pay all the due taxes. Manual calculation of IFTA taxes is a very difficult task. In fact trucking companies usually hire expert accountants to carry out regular tax calculations. But now, the usage of software technology has brought about revolutionary changes in the system of transportation business. Fuel Tax Software is the most efficient device to calculate fuel taxes, in-accordance with the IFTA guidelines. A user has to just fill in certain entries like number of miles covered by the vehicle or the amount of fuel consumed etc, and all the fuel taxes gets automatically calculated by the Fuel Tax Software. All the operational records, fuel tax records and accounting records can be efficiently maintained through this sophisticated software.

Fuel Tax Software has induced a high extent of efficiency in the transportation system within the jurisdiction of IFTA members. It has simplified all the intricacies involved with filing of IFTA fuel taxes and maintaining records for audit purposes. This technology has actually strengthened the main goal of IFTA; that is to make a highly efficient highway system.

By: Donovan Ray

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