Someone I Never Met Saved My Grades

By: Craig White

Did you ever hear those stories about how a stranger changed someone's life forever? That happened to me; I had someone that I never met change my life. I was on an academic crash course, and I needed someone to pull me from the wreckage more than even I knew.

I was out of school for nearly a month with the mono virus and I fell behind in my studies. They had sent home most of the study units, but I was pretty fatigued and there was nobody to really keep me motivated. I worked hard and completed the work that was assigned, and when I returned to school I thought that I was pretty much up to date.

Unfortunately, as we were working in the classroom I started to get a lost feeling. Though the work seemed familiar, it didn't seem that the teacher's solutions looked the same as mine. I'm not a stupid kid, but I was not getting it. I was not just worried, I was petrified. What would my parents say when they found out how far behind I was? I could only imagine how my assignments would be graded.

It was not long until I found out how they would react. My mom was sad; she was worried about me and not sure what to do. My father was angry, he didn't want to take it out on me, but I knew that he felt like I should have been able to keep up. I didn't blame him for feeling that way; I really thought that I should have been able to keep up, too.

They assigned me a tutor that worked with me once per week in school during lunch hour. I would brown bag my lunch and meet with her in the teacher conference room, and she was supposed to help me get back to working at grade level. It's not that she wasn't doing a good job; it was just a lot of work to cover in not much time. I wished that there was something that I could do in my own time to get me back on track.

My salvation was found in a service that was called Their site spoke of over one hundred tutors that were available online around the clock through both live sessions and email. The tutors that they use had completed over one thousand hours of service in order to be approved. That meant that I could have a live, experienced tutor whenever I had the time to work with them. This sounded like what I was looking for.

It took a little coaxing for Mom and Dad to agree that I may be able to find the help that I needed through this service. The fact of the matter is that I had some pretty strong leverage. Since I had missed a significant amount of school, the administration thought that I would be best served to be held back because of the amount of difficulty that I was having. I didn't have long to turn my grades around.

We agreed that it was worth trying so that I could keep up with my graduating class. I was committed to this trial; I wanted it to work more than anything. It didn't take that long for the results to become apparent. I started to see the errors that I was making, and how I had misunderstood the concepts in my solo studies.

I was not ashamed anymore; I was just making some very minor mistakes in my problem solving processes. My tutors were always so patient, understanding, supportive, and focused. My self esteem is recovering, and I am ready to fight to keep up with my class. My grades are much better this term than the end of last term, but only time will tell if I will be promoted at the end of the year.

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