Need for Network Security and Maintenance

By: Dan Stratton

Why Computers and Networks?

Computers have become a necessity for all types of working environment. No matter what type of work you are doing, computers can help you in maximizing your work efficiency. Due to this fact computers are being used in all types of offices. Some areas like banking, insurance, stock exchange as well as reservation systems completely rely on use of Computers and Internet.

In a computing environment people need inter connectivity of computers to share resources like (files and data). It further helps in use and management of information collected through various nodes. These kinds of network that is being implemented in a particular organization are known as Intranets. Intranet helps in information sharing between different offices of same organization at different locations. It works on LAN (Local Area Network), MAN (Metropolitan Area Network) or WAN (Wide Area Network). There are mainly three ways of implementing different type of networks – wired, wireless or mixed (wired and wireless both as and when required).

Why Internet?

Internet is information superhighway, one of the major and accurate sources of getting information on any topic quickly. It is also used as backbone for implementing Intranet. Company's websites and email are completely dependent on Internet. In brief, internet is the most important and fastest medium of communication in current hi-tech world.

Network Related Problems

As an end user you must have experienced various types of problems in your network during your work. Due to network downtime organizations have to bear loss of several productive working hours or in turn loss of revenue. Network downtime for your web servers may result unavailability of your website, in that case your potential viewers may not find required information through your website. It may create a negative impact of your company/organization or business

To deal with such problems immediately organizations need network diagnosis and maintenance experts to fix such problems to further reduce loss of productive working hours. However, it is not possible for every organization to hire a fulltime team of networking experts to solve their network issues. They prefer to rely upon network security consultants, who help them whenever needed. It’s a cost-effective alternative for organizations because they don't have to hire full time professionals for taking care of their network troubleshooting needs.

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